EI Lockdown update

It looks like quite a bit more EI SOTA activity will be able to resume earlier than previously expected. It seems the current 5km travel restriction, due to be extended to 20km next week will now allow general travel within your home county.

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HI John,

looking forward to kicking off with an activation on Monday June 8th and hopefully several others during the week. Hope to hear you on air also. It’s been a long long 3 months

EI6FR (/P soon :slight_smile: )

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Hi Declan,

So it seems the rules from next week are home county or 20km, whichever is greater. A rough count gives me access to 27 summits in Galway. In any event, it looks like all domestic travel restrictions restrictions will finally be lifted on June 27th.


Hi John,

June 29th for the big unlock. I have addresses in Dublin & Wicklow so I should manage the 3 weeks :slight_smile:


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