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EI license questions

Hi all,

since August I will be working and living in Dublin for a few years. Of course I am bringing my equipment with me and looking forward the summits in Wicklow Mts. and other areas. For the start I’ll use EI/OK1HAG/P callsign but after few months I should apply for an EI callsign. After reading the resources at Comreg and IRTS websites, I have some questions:

  • is it still true that EI callsigns are assigned sequentially without an option to choose your preferred number+suffix?
  • in case I can choose my callsign, is there a resource to check which callsigns are available?
  • if I present a copy of 12 WPM CW exam certificate from OK, will I get a Class 1 license?

Thanks for replies and CU from EI/IE summits

Marek OK1HAG

Quick answers to my questions:

  • yes
  • N/A
  • yes

I was pleasantly surprised by Comreg’s processing speed - it took just four business days between mailing the application and receiving the license! Great timing as well - received the letter on Friday before my free weekend so I could head for Wicklows with the new callsign on Saturday.

73 Marek EI7KH

In reply to EI7KH:
Hi Marek
Thanks for info.
I am currently staying in Wicklow and expect to be operating SOTA on HF myself on at least Tues and Weds of this week. Hopefully EI will be another country I can add for the Mountain Explorer Award.
Phil G4OBK