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In reply to A3633:
Hi Reg,
All SOTA activations are a pilgrimage of sorts; this one more so. Enjoyed the pun.



In reply to A3633:

This might help those still wondering what on earth Reg is talking about :slight_smile:

Nice one Reg.



In reply to A3633:
Nice one Reg! I climbed this one back in 1974 - still have in the archives a couple of pictures of 2 barefoot nuns making the ascent.
Also remember the soft drinks sellers every 2 to 300 yards selling their cans of Fanta and Coke to a captive market at silly prices - 70p a can.
Great view from the top and an exhilerating day’s exercise.
73 de Cris


In reply to A3633:
I see from Wikipedia entry the pilgrimage is known as Reek Sunday; it used to be known as Garland Sunday - just a side bit of extreme trivia.
73 Cris


In reply to A3633:

Hi Reg
Back in the days of the Famine, the local Protestant clergy used to give you food for the family if you renounced your Catholic faith. Perhaps they were trying to get you back into the fold? :slight_smile: