EI/IS DIngle Penisula Activations May 1st - 7th

It’s school mid-term break here next week and I will be on holiday in the Dingle peninsula with special permission to take advantage of any breaks in the weather to activate local summits.

Depending on the weather, I have the following summits routes in the GPS:

Triple header of Brandon Mtn (EI/IS-003), Brandon Peak (EI/IS-007) and Ballysitteragh (EI/IS-040).

Slievenea (EI/IS-027)

Beenoskie (EI/IS-009)

With the family in tow, we are planning to walk the lower peaks of Mt Eagle (EI/IS-053) and Cumminan EI/(IS-046).

Activations will be on 7 and 14 ssb - 10m also if sporadic e allows.

John EI3KA


Great! I’ll be looking for you on 14MHz SSB - should be possible from here. Love to get some EIRE summits in the log!


Good luck and tons of QSOs!

Vy 73 de Pedro, CT1DBS&CU3HF

Hi Ed,

Should be no problem at all on 20m ssb, Hopefully the weather will improve over the weekend. Strong northerly winds and rain/sleet at the moment. Looking forward to qso’s next week.

73 John EI3KA

Hi Pedro,

Thanks - I’ve been using an 817 and LifePo4 batteries recently and shaved 2.5kg off my backpack compared to the 703 and SLAB. It makes a difference and definitely extends your range. Not as light as your KX1, though!

73 John

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I use an FT817 with a 3S LIPO 2500maH battery that fits within the battery compartment - makes 2 or 3 activations (then I have a spare if needed). Easier than using an external battery as I used to do. Never carried a SLAB up a summit though!

73 Ed.