EI/IS Activations 14/09 - 21/09

I will be active from West Cork at the southern end of EI/IS every day next week from Saturday 14/09 to 21/09. A solo SOTA trip, I’m planning to increase my uniques score with the main priority being first activations on:

IS-025 Caherbarnagh
IS-039 Knocknamanagh
IS-049 Shehy More
IS-051 Nowen Hill
IS-058 Mullaghmesa
IS-063 Douce
IS-064 Doughill Mountain
IS-090 Milane Hill
IS-102 Cashloura

Activity will mainly be on 40/30/20m cw/ssb, although wx prospects are good with forecasts of good tropo conditions, so I will also bring a small 5-el beam for 2m. I should be visible on aprs while hiking.

73 John EI3KA

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Nice to hear. I will try to chase you. Between my work :crazy_face:. 40 mtrs CW must be no problem I believe. Ireland is vy nice for SOTA. I love it.
Good luck es hpe 2 work U.

73, Tonnie

Hi Tonnie,

For sure, I will be on 40m CW - looking forward to contacts with you over the next week or so. The area I’ll be based is in the the Shehy Mountains near Bantry in County Cork. There are a number of SOTA summits in the area that have never been activated. Access is via very narrow roads with no parking (we call them ‘boreens’). I’m going to cycle these from the nearest available parking spot.


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Thanks to everybody who chased me during my trip to West Cork in EI/IS last week. Weather was excellent during the trip apart from Day 2, Sunday 15th, I was active every day and managed 13 summits over the week, 7 of which were first activations. All activations were hf, 40/30/20 ssb/cw, kx2 and trapped efhw.

Below are some photos from the trip.

Day 1 - Saturday 14/09 Caherbarnagh EI/IS-025 (1st activation)
Activation en-route to West Cork. I’ve been planning this one for some time. The mountain is reached via the Duhallow Way trail, but there have been local access issues regarding the trail. Although there is lots of new signage and all is supposed to be resolved, there are still several electric fences to be negotiated while crossing farmland.

Day 2 - Sunday 15/09 Doughill EI/IS-064 (1st activation), EI/IS-063 Douce (1st activation)

A Misty start which turned to a steady drizzle, despite a good forecast. Very rough going, with several fences to cross, I managed to rip my rain trousers on some barbed wire.

Doughill EI/IS-064

Douce EI/IS-063

Day 3 - Monday 16/09 EI/IS-058 Mullaghmesha (1st activation), EI/IS-051 Nowen Hill (1st activation), Seefin EI/IS-092

IS-058 Mullaghmesha is accessed via a local walking trail which goes right to the summit. IS-051 Nowen Hill is nearby and is accessed via forestry tracks. There are communications masts at the summit. I later travelled out to the Sheep’s Head and activated IS-092 Seefin.

Mullaghmesha EI/IS-058

Nowen Hill EI/IS-051

Seefin EI/IS-092

Day 4 - Tuesday 17/09 EI/IS-039 Knocknamanagh (1st activation), EI/IS-042 Carran
Very warm day, long hike. Temperature 25C with no wind… Parked at the high point on the road between Kilgarvan and Bantry at 51.83822N, -9.39918W, which is the access point for Carran IS-042. First hiked Knocknamanagh IS-039 and Carran on the return. Midge were hungry on Carran.

Knocknamanagh EI/IS-039

Carran EI/IS-042

Day 5 - Wednesday 18/09 EI/IS-020 Knockboy
Very warm day - I cycled from Ballylickey to Priest’s Leap, access point for Knockboy, high point for County Cork (another one knocked off the list). The 10k cycle up to Priest’s Leap was the hard part of the activation - it’s an easy hike up to Knockboy from there. I had planned to activate Shehy More EI/IS-049 later that day, but after cycling 5k to the access point, I was met by some pretty firm ‘No Entry - Farm’ signs.

Priest’s Leap - Access for Knockboy EI/IS-020

Day 6 - Thursday 19/09 EI/IS-045 Peakeen, EI/IS-054 Knockanaguish
Two 4-pointer summits accessed from the Kerry Way hiking trail just north of Kenmare. The trail goes over the shoulder between the two summits. Of the two, Peakeen IS-045 is by far the easier to summit. Knockanaguish IS-054 is steep sided, over very rough ground, requiring more care.

Peakeen EI/IS-045

Knockanaguish EI/IS-054

Day 7 - Friday 20/19/09 EI/IS-098 Carrigfadda, EI/IS-102 Cashloura (1st activation)
Very windy day, so more modest summits attempted. Carrigfadda is on a local community walking trail. The forestry on the hill has now mostly been clear-felled and so isn’t the most attractive. Because of the strong wind I activated from the shelter of some of the remaining trees near the summit. There is very poor phone coverage. Cashloura IS-102 is another forestry estate.Very exposed at the summit in the wind - this was a quick activation.

Carrigfadda EI/IS-098

73 John EI3KA



What a beautiful pictures! And a nice country for SOTA.
Tnx for the contacts.

Tonnie de PA9CW.