EI/IE Activations 7-11th August

I will be on holiday in County Wexford, based in IO62om during next week 7-11th August for the final family break of the summer. I’m planning to activate the following EI/IE summits at some point during the week. Other hills also possible, depending on the co-operation of the children and the WX!

EI/IE-006 Blackstairs Mountain
EI/IE-004 Mount Leinster
EI/IE-020 Brandon Hill
EI/IE-048 Coppanagh

I’ll post alerts on the fly as the activation opportunities arise. 2m FM/SSB to GW/GK should be a possibility from these hills so I will try to make some contacts using a portable 5 el yagi. I note M1EYP is in GW next week also, so maybe s2s possible? I will also be qrv on 7/14ssb and 10cw.

73 John EI3KA



Nice to hear some activity from EI. Always nice to work SOTA from EI. I have been there a lot of times. We contacted from EI/IS-065 last week. Next week I will be in DM/BM and OK/JC and OE/OO, so maybe we will make some S2S on 10 MHz.

Good luck. 73 PA9CW, Tonnie

Hi John,

Will look out for you from my home QTH.

It is hard to believe no-one has been up IE-020 Brandon Hill and IE-048 Coppanagh since my activation dating from 2010! They are some of my favourites SOTA in EI: nice walk, beautiful surroundings, quiet location. Perfect for SOTA.

On IE-004 Mt Leinster I had some breakthrough / desensing on 2m from the very powerful RTE transmitter on top. Worth taking a LPF / BPF.

Good luck with your activation, enjoy your holiday.

73, Phil ON4TA

Hi Tonnie,

Thanks for the contact last weekend. I only noticed your videos of IS-065 and IS-075 afterwards - I think you had better wx than I did. Pardon my rusty CW on 30m :slight_smile:

73 John EI3KA

Hi John,

no problem about ur CW. WX was fine on the top. it’s alway nice WX in EI :grinning: Except on the EI/IS-004 Galtymore Mountain, it was vy cold and windy.

Have a nice trip, good luck.

73, PA9CW, Tonnie

Hi Phil,

Yes, I am looking forward to next week. I expect the hills will be nice and straightforward, no awkward access issues, and it is a quiet part of the country. There hasn’t been a lot of activity in this area recently - most EI/IE activity obviously occurs around Dublin. If all the ducks fall in a line, I may also get to IE-060 Gibbet Hill which I see you’ve activated recently and IE-038 Slieveboy.

Thanks for the advice on Mt Leinster - maybe one for HF only.

73 John EI3KA

Hi John,

I hope you have a good holiday in County Wexford and hope to work you summit to summit while activating in Snowdonia with my dad Tom M1EYP on 2m fm.

There are only 3 unactivated EI/IE SOTA summits and are not too far from where you will be based, these are Spinans Hill EI/IE-040, Cushbawn EI/IE-042 and Tinoran Hill EI/IE-059, will you be activating these 3 remaining unactivated EI/IE SOTA summits on your holiday?

Jimmy M0HGY

Hi Jimmy,

Hopefully our activations will coincide during the week and a summit to summit will be possible.

I don’t have plans to activate any of the outstanding unactivated EI/IE summits. Although, they aren’t particularly far away, from what I gather, there may be access issues/difficulties, particularly forestry plantations to contend with. Having been ripped to shreds in the past, I have a particular dislike for navigating toxic pine forests!

Hope the wx is good, safe hiking!

73, John EI3KA

Hi John

Nice to hear about your tour. GL!

At the same time I will be on a tour across CT land.
I will have my gear with me and I expect activate some summits.
Hope to have a S2S with you, especially now that you move to CW: Nice move from your part! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Vy 73 es GL de Pedro, CT1DBS

HI Pedro,

It would be great to get a summit to summit with you on CW next week. Just don’t expect qrq ragchewing :slight_smile:

73 John EI3KA

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Hi John,

will you be posting alerts for your activations? I’m working this weekend but I might schedule a Wicklows trip for Monday - Tuesday.

73 Marek EI7KH

Edit: ok I have read your post to the end :slight_smile:

Hi Marek,

It would be great to have a s2s within EI. I’ll post alerts once I’m confident of my slots on Mon/Tues.

73 John EI3KA