Edit does not work on Alertsite

Is it a problem with all users of database or it happens only to my account?
It is necessary to correct a wrong callsign, but no edit choise is desplayed. Thanks in advance for any information!

73 de Christos.

As the message says when you try to edit it is disabled for maintenance. It also tells you how to get an alert changed. Do you not see this message?

Not at all! The word “edit” does not appear on my alerted summits.
Friday 26th October.

Yes, the “edit” tag stopped appearing yesterday. I believe they are working on it though :grinning:

Barry N1EU

I have the Edit tags visible and clicking on them brings up the message that Andy mentioned. Something odd seems to be happening!

I definitely stopped seeing the “edit” tag on my Nov. 3 alert starting yesterday and persisting now. I emailed
Jon GM4ZFZ three hours ago about it.

Barry N1EU

Thanks, Barry! The keyword was “tag”.

For the chasers:The correct callsign of the co-activator, on Friday 26th October is SV2IQC (Summit SV/TL-076)… CU on the bands.

73 Christos.

Tag "edit"just appeared , as mentioned. It denies editing!!!

Yes, the “edit” tag is now restored, but actual editing is still disabled.

Many thanks to Jon, GM4ZFZ for the correction!!!