Ectopic summits

While working on a new version of my summits.kml file, I noticed a few summits whose position was quite obviously wrong. On doing a more systematic check, I have found 8 summits whose ARM entries are bad, and these errors have propagated into the database. The errors are:

HB/NW-001 to HB/NW-005 inclusive. Latitude and longitude are interchanged.

OE/SB-202. The degrees figure in the latitude is given as zero; I am guessing that it should be 47.

OE/VB-009 and OE/VB-107. The longitude has been repeated in the latitude column. Unfortunately this leaves no information about what the latitude ought to be.

It would be helpful if the association managers could correct these errors, especially the last two which I can’t work around.

Amazingly, Les G3VQO spotted the exact same thing this morning! We are onto it!

Thanks Martyn,


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Ain’t education a wonderful thing?

Pronunciation: \ek-'tä-pik\
Function: adjective
Etymology: Greek ektopos out of place, from ex- out + topos place
Meaning: occurring in an abnormal position or in an unusual manner or form

I have never heard that word outside of a maternity ward, but I like your use of it. You are not a doctor are you Martyn?

Well done for spotting the errors.

Steve GW7AAV

You are not a doctor are you Martyn?

Not a medical one!

I picked up the usage from a former colleague who delighted in using unusual words.

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Anything happened on this yet Tom? HB9BAB/P activation of HB/NW-002 this morning puts Jurg into Somalia!!


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I’m slightly surprised that this one is still wrong in SW2, since I’d corrected the correctable ones in the last coordinate list I sent to Jon.