EC2AG S2S 10.000 point


I finally got it after 7 years.
It’s been 7 hard years summit after summit.

All this has been possible thanks to all the activators at the top without them, it is not possible.

Special thanks to all my colleagues at EA2, that weekend after weekend, they are activating
Thanks also to my colleague Bego, from the summit, who, without being a radio amateur, accompanies me, to activate.
Good it will be difficult, or rather impossible to be able to get the next diploma, I already consider myself satisfied, that with my humble radio, I have achieved what I have achieved …

Greetings EC2AG


Por fin lo consegui despues de 7 años.
An sido 7 duros años cumbre tras cumbre.

Todo esto ha sido posible gracias a todos lo activadores en cumbre sin ellos,no es posible.

Gracias especial para todos mi compañeros de EA2,que findesemana tras findesemana,estan activando
Gracias tambien para mi compañera Bego,de cumbre,que sin ser radioaficionada,me acompaña, a activar.
Buena sera dificil,o mas bien imposible poder conseguir el proximo diploma,ya me doy por sastisfecho,que con mi humilde radio,conseguido lo conseguido…

Saludos EC2AG


Congratulations on your achievement Antonio.A pleasure to be a grain of sand for this award. We will continue in the summits, for a long time I hope.73 de EA5INS


Congratulations Antonio on achieving 10,000 summit to summit points.

Jimmy M0HGY


Thanks Jon I hope I can help you in the fight …Ec2ag…

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Thanks Jimmy,… 73""EC2AG…


Well done Antonio!
73, Fabio

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Enhorabuena, Antonio, por esos enormes 10.000 puntos S2S. Gracias por llamarme para S2S ayer, me alegró mucho volver a hacer S2S contigo. Y también por el audio del QSO. Me ha encantado oir lo bien que sonaba mi transmisión. El Speech compressor DYC-817 hizo muy bien su trabajo.
Espero que podamos seguir haciendo S2S en el futuro.
Buena suerte en el camino hacia los próximos 10.000 puntos!


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Congratulations to your achievement Antonio :+1:

73 Marcel DM3FAM

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Zorionak Antonio, very well done!

A huge effort no matter how the weather is like, you are always ready to go up in the mountains, always working SSB 5w with your well worn FT817.
It is always a pleasure to meet you S2S on air.

Keep on enjoying the summits and friendship. And a big hug to Bego for joining you so many times and waiting for you to end the activation and get back home.

73 de Ignacio


Hello Antonio,

Thank you for many S2S !

73, Jarek

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Zorionak! Egurra eman!


Congratulations Antonio on achieving amazing 10,000 S2S points!
73 de Rumen / LZ2AF


Well done on your S2S acheivement,always a pleasure to hear you and work you over the years,sorry I couldn’t contribute to your S2S but as a chaser thanks. 73 Don G0RQL.


No problem Don, my first hunters …

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Zorionak Antonio !
Beyond those numbers…
there are many long hours of talk between radio friends and you know it well !!!
Keep on this way, 73

Ezkerrik asko Iñaki, you know that well, they have spent many years crossing antennas, qsos and good talks in front of a good chop.