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Easy summits in Poland, Czech Rep

I have the chance to activate some summits in Poland and Czech Republic in October. I’m going to be based in Berlin for a week and would like to activate some new associations once my business trip completes. As I’m out on a business I cannot take serious walking gear with me but I can slip my 817, battery and antenna into my luggage.

Can anyone suggest any simple and straightforward summits in Poland and Czech Republic that are reasonably close to the German border? I’ll be flying to/from Berlin and will be hiring a car at the airport and driving reasonable distances is not a big problem and I expect to stay overnight in both or either country. If I have enough time I could extend this to include a day in Slovakia as well so suggestions from there would be useful.

Of course it all depends on the WX and if it’s terrible I’ll do some sight seeing in the large towns/cities instead.

Suggestions please.

Nothing to do with summits … but bear in mind that not all car hire companies allow you to take their cars out of the country where the car is hired. There are also insurance issues. I know, because I’ve encountered these problems in the past.

Have a good trip!

Walt (G3NYY)

Thanks for that Walt. I’ve already checked, the company I’d use allows cars to be taken out of Germany to SP, OK, OM, HA for an extra 5Eu/day. First thing I checked after the fun I had this summer with changes in the EU to EU residents hiring cars in Switzerland and not being allowed into the EU with them. Cost me £110 extra in the end to hire a car in the French side of Basel/Mulhouse airport rather than the Swiss side. Grrr!

Near Oberwiesenthal are some drive-ups OK/KA-001, 004 and 005 and US-002 (small walk if you want to be on the summit) and 008.

73, Hans PB2T


OK/KA-001, 004 and 005 are easy to reach and nice places. I recommendate!

73, Saku

Hi Andy,

In Slovakia, OM/BA-004 Devínska Kobyla, above the city of Bratislava is an easy summit. There is a tarmac road to the summit so no need for boots, but there is a locked gate or maybe just a no entry sign about 1km from the top. That was where I was dropped off by taxi, and there were a few cars parked nearby…

I walked up past derelict military buildings which were apparently listening stations during the cold war. There is a large summit area for an antenna of any size. There were a few mountain bikers around on the evening I was there.

Activated successfully on 20m and walked back down hill in the dark (when the derelict buildings were more alarming and all the parked cars had gone) then caught the tram back into town.



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Hi Andy!

In Poland the summit closest to to German border is SP/PO-004, next to a military training area. Depending on the activity in the last one, acessing the activation zone might prove difficult and/or dangerous :grin:

Few other easy SOTA summits in the southwestern part of SP might be more convenient:

  • SP/SP-001, -002 and -003 - 3 summits close to each other, not far Wrocław and from the A4 highway, making it a few hours drive from Germany
  • SP/BP-007 - a former volcano. Check this activation video to see what is it like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w839bgTByhg
  • If you are after higher number of points per summit, check out the whole of SP/SZ region, closer to Czech border. Activated only SP/SZ-001 and -002 there myself. The first one requires 6 kilometers miles walk from the parking and ascent of about 400 meters. The other can be reached from the same parking spot, and to reach it you’d need respectively 3 km and 200 m, but there’s no marked trail nor clear path to the summit. I suppose no problem - for you coming from Scotland :grin:

Marcin SQ9OZM

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Many thanks for the suggestions. That gives me plenty to work with. I can get some accommodation, flights and car hire sorted out now.

Well despite coming down with a head cold, the heavens opening in Poland and disturbed geo-magnetic conditions, I did manage 2 activations in the Czech Republic and 1 in Poland. I was going to try for another SP activation but rains and my cold made me quit whilst I was esentially dry despite the rain.

However, I offer the following photo from the summit of OK/LI-057 Luz (Lausche). The summit is in OK but the OK/DL border runs across the top. I didn’t see the border marker until I tripped over it! Then I could see it said C on one side and D on the other with a plus marking the border line. So I was compelled to stand with one foot in each country. Left foot is in CZ and right foot in DL.

Bet nobody has ever, ever, ever done that before! :blush:

Hopefully something DM/SX on my way back up to Berlin…


Nah, never…

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Do you have to declare those legs to European customs when entering the country? :wink:

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I sneak them in under trousers… then spring them on unsuspecting populations of hot countries.

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