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Easter Sunday in the Welsh Borders


Hi All,

Planning a mini expedition to G/WB on Sunday 8th April, will start on Shobdon Hill WB-017 at 0800Z and proceed to activate as many further WB summits as legs, time and family will allow. Only planning on using 144-ssb, may use 145-fm if necessary to qualify summit or there is a large demand!

73 de Paul G4MD


Hi All

What a cracking day’s activating! Crisp frosty early start, beautiful sunshine all day, and not much wind.

Ended up activating 4 summits, WB-017, 012, 018 and 014.

Thanks to all those with whom I had contacts, and those who spotted me, including G4JZF and G0LGS who I worked from all 4, and G0NES and 2E0NBR who I worked from three.

Only 1 S2S, with GW0TPH/P on NW-042. Inspection of the spots for the day on my return told me I really should have tried FM as well - lesson learned for the next outing!

Did try beaming North from View Edge WB-018, but nothing heard from that direction - was beaming directly at some power lines, which probably didn’t help. (I generally do try in all directions, including towards Merthyr Tydfil, but GW0VMZ was notable by his absence today!)

Thanks again to you all, and I look forward to catching you again from another summit or two!

73 de Paul G4MD