Easter activations of SP9MA

Hi All,

Happy Easter to everyone !

My wife and me traditionally do family hike on Easter day.

Let me show you some activations places pictures of last a few years.

Easter 2016 - SP/BZ-005

Easter 2017 - FL/NO-105

Easter 2018 - SP/BZ-002

Easter 2019 - OM/ZA-013

Easter 2020 - COVID lockdown

Easter 2021 - SP/BZ-023

Thanks to activators and chasers !

73, Jarek


Hi Jarek,
I was happy to work you on 30m today for a new unique :+1:
And in addition very happy to send you the spot for Gérald @F6HBI who was 3 Khz up your frequency (sorry no Easter on emoji) You are a quick SOTA operator :crazy_face:
Many thanks
See you soon (again on s2s)
Éric 73

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Happy Easter, Jarek!
73, Fabio

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Jarek @SP9MA. Now i understand COTA. Its not Castles on the Air… its Chicken on the Air :slightly_smiling_face: Nice pictures.
Gratulation to your Family “Easter” activation :+1:

73 Marcel DM3FAM


Thanks a lot Eric, it was helpful bcse earlier I tried to work Gerald on 40m CW without success.
CU soon.

73, Jarek


Merci Jarek for the easter QSO.
in the log ! Yes !

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