East coast greyline time NA?

Hi all,
i´m asking for the greyline time NA east coast,please.
if its not too cold this night i will go out for a quick 160m activation on DM/BW-156. On this summit i can activate close to the car par within the activation zone. good take off to NA. antenna is the small version of my inv.L. with only 15m vertical part. if time and its not too cold i also call on 80m cw and if sigs ok also on ssb.

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN/p

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Hi Klaus,

It looks like greyline propagation will start around 2200Z for the northeast and by 2300Z all east coast will be getting dark. This is according to:


I will be looking for you in the aether.

73, pat - KI4SVM

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Hello Pat,

thanks for info and the usefull link ! maybe i´m qrv two times with a break to walk to the car and warm up. in moment its +2°C and i take these “nice” temperature as last window of opportunity to do a night activation this year.its getting colder again next days…
i don´t see a really chance to work NA on 160m for the first time from a sota summit, but who never try´s…:wink: maybe there are other chasers who are not in bed at this time to do a quick call. a quick qsy to other bands is possible, but mor cw only. on 160 and 80m i will call in ssb also if conds allow…but not sure !

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN/p

alert is on now :wink:

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I will be listening for you Klaus…

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Thanks :wink: But Solar terrestrial data shows A16 K3 at the moment…
lets hope on the best :wink: if 160 and 80 m not working there is the chance to work some north american chasers then on 40m cw :wink: if antenna works on that band…its near fullwave there, so i´m not sure…same on 80m as halfwave. a bit to late for setting links in the antenna wire…

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN/p

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I’ll keep an eye on the spots and hope to work you. Getting very near 1000 confirmed CW chaser points, now. Good luck

Dave, G6DTN

Later i use an inv.L. from 28m antenna wire with 15m as vertical part.maybe i try a blind shot over a higher tree,but its cloudy and really dark.two radials around 40m 1-2mtrs above ground. feeding line is 6mtrs of 300ohm twinline. this makes it easier for tuning on 80m. also eu is welcome :wink: but please accept if dx is possible to qrx a few minutes for give me the chance to work dx…operating time 2x30min or if it is too cold only one time :wink: temperatures seems very fine this night, so i go for another headlight activation…maybe the last one in 2013…

73 Klaus DF2GN/p

have made a quick link…:wink: so, band changing should be no problem…


in a few minutes on the way to the summit…

vy 73 Klaus

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Hi Klaus,

Nice quick link!
I will listen out on 160 and 80m!

Good Luck!


Will be there and try CW if we can do it.
Dow [W4DOW]

Bad luck with 160m antenna? At least, one NA QSO on 80m, and a large sort of EU QSOs too…

73 and thank you for SOTA QSO!


Thanks Klaus for my first 80M dx SOTA contact! Conditions weren’t very good but I had solid copy on you and was listening on both a 1/4 wave vertical and on a 580ft Beverage.

You were 579 later on 40M listening on a dipole - fb sig!

73, Barry N1EU

In reply to DF2GN: Had an S7 noise level here on 80. Very tickled to work you on 40 CW though at 0011Z. I’ll watch for you again and try for 80 mtrs. For our 40 meter contact, 5 watts here = 4,146 miles per watt. 72 de Scotty KG3W

Hello :slight_smile:

as first…my excuse for all who stayed on so long to work me on 160m…!

fb wx for a quick night activation… -3°c at home and +2°C on the summit…only the wind was stronger, so i was qrv only a short time.
160m was not working due to a bad solder joint in my 1 day old homebrew lc-tuner. so i was only qrv on 80 and 40m with a qrp tuner…without 160m :-(…so i can´t use my amp and was barefoot;-) with kx3 on the air.

lesson learned : never go on a night activation with equipment that was never tested at daylight before !!!
80m condx are not good and signals from europe also not as loud as nights before. but nice to have a call from N1EU Barry, thanks for listening my 10w sigs in NA. No more DX on 80m…i fell a bit as my antenna was not working ok this night…lets look at the wires tmrw… 40m produces some nice DX to NA…ufb qrp sigs, scotty !!
sorry for the really quick ssb part on 80m, but conds are not ok. i see eu ssb chasers again on 40m ssb next time,for sure. have to test some bigger 40m antennas next time…:wink:
but this week i work late shift, so maybe i don´t have time for doing sota …thanks again to all who called in today…

73 es cuagn Klaus DF2GN/p