ea8/m1nnn lp-002

EA8/LP-002 16 April 2014

Message from John 2200z 15/04/14 :-

I will attempt another final activation from LP-002 tomorrow, Wednesday.

This is the most difficult summit of the three but I have a supply of water buried at the summit from the last activation. It is a 10KM journey each way and I shall leave the hotel at 0645 and hope to be active around 1000z.

I shall start on 18.088 MHz CW and advise Roy G4SSH of any changes. I will use 30-50w.

Probable freqs (from)
CW 14052,18088, 21052, 24907,
SSB 14265 18132, 21320, 24.967

John EA8/M1NNN/p

In reply to G4SSH:

Thanks for the tip off Roy, & thank you to John for returning to LP-002 as I missed him last week due to work.

I have just swapped (yes at 2AM) the 500Hz CW filter from my FT897 into my FT817 so I should be able to cope better if any of the bands are a little crowded. There was no problem using the standard 2.8KHz SSB filter for CW on Monday as there was very little else heard on 12m when I worked John.

I will keep an eye on the spots & dash out from work on the bike again, hopefully my 5 Watts will be heard through the inevitable pile-up John’s 30-50 Watts will generate!

I will probably only try CW unless I can hear John from the works car park in which case I may give SSB a try as well.

Thanks again & good luck everyone :slight_smile:

Best 73,

Mark G0VOF

In reply to G0VOF:

John is at the summit of LP-002 and is setting up his equipment

WX is sunny, 3c with some frost, wind 3 mph.

Expects QRV about 0945z

Propagation appears to be very poor on the higher bands this morning.
Bands above 14 MHz appear to be almost dead in North Yorkshire so John may drop down to 14052-cw to start.


In reply to G4SSH:

Thanks for early warning Roy Made it to Belthorn & worked John 599 sent 559 rec. Got some video today too :slight_smile:

73 Mark G0VOF/P

In reply to G0VOF:

Update at 16th 1130z

John having a break for lunch.
Back at 1140z on 24 MHz CW


In reply to G4SSH:

Heard John on an FT817 with telescopic whip in the car park at work here in Blackburn on 24.909 cw

Much better conditions today I think.


Mark G0VOF

In reply to G0VOF:

Yes, John is peaking at 579 with me on 24909 cw at 1222z.

Should be fine for SSB enthusiasts shortly

Perhaps 29 FM might work again later.


In reply to G4SSH:

Should be fine for SSB enthusiasts shortly

Signals seemed to deteriorate from then on in, as far as I could hear. He was about 54 when I first heard him (in S2S QSO with G6WRW/P), and about 31 last time I think I heard him. He seems to have vanished now…

73, Rick M0LEP

In reply to M0LEP:

Yes, the 12m band just died.

John moved to 28.032 CW and is 559 at my QTH

Time and battery running out so last calls on 29600 / 29200 FM when callers dry up on 28 CW.

73 Roy

In reply to G4SSH:

John QRT at 1430z.

120 contacts on HF.

About six contacts on 29 MHz FM, including Lewis Island.

No more activations from EA8

Thanks to all chasers.


In reply to G4SSH:

Hello John & Roy,

I got dragged out to the garden centre and got back about 5 minutes ago - bad timing. I think going onto HF FM was a good experiment which I would like to see again sometime.

Best wishes & thanks again.
Mike G6TUH

In reply to G6TUH:

Hard luck Mike, it’s annoying when that happens.

I think you managed to work John last week on LP-002 so at least you do have the chase.

Thanks to Roy’s early warning I timed things perfectly this morning, dashing out of work on the Bike up to Belthorn & being set up by 0947z. I hadn’t logged on to SOTAwatch on my phone so checked first on 17m & didn’t find John. Noting Roy’s comment that 20m may be tried first I dropped to 14MHz & found John almost straight away. The antenna I had was meant for 17m so I couldn’t get the SWR down completely on 20m but I thought I would give it a try anyway, before dropping & modifying the antenna. I was using an FT817 @ full power (about 4 Watts)with a SOTAbeams EFHW tuner & about 8m of wire up a fishing pole.

I heard John work G0UUU, then Kevin G0NUP (both audible at my QTH) then I called him. Thankfully at that point he hadn’t yet been spotted so I had an easy QSO with John 599 sent 559 received, with John mentioning my trip out of work on the bike to avoid the QRN.

By the time we had finished our QSO Roy’s spot had appeared & from then on John had a nice pileup.

I would like to thank other chasers that were waiting to work John very early on 14.0525 for standing by whilst we had our QSO. As I had to go straight back to work I really didn’t want to have to compete with KW stations for John’s attention Hi Hi.

Later after John had his lunch I thought I would see if I could copy anything from the works car park, in the middle of an industrial estate in Blackburn. Amazingly I could copy John on 24909 KHz CW using only the FT817 & a telescopic whip for 10m.

Thanks Roy for the spots & especially to John for another chance to chase LP-002.

Thanks & best 73,

Mark G0VOF/P