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EA7 trip 4-9 Sep 17

Dave G3TQQ, Victor GI4ONL and I will be in EA7 to activate SOTA summits mainly in the Malaga area. We hope to be using mainly 7-cw/ssb, 10-cw and 14-cw/ssb between Monday 4 and Saturday 9 September. We look forward to working as many as possible. Please look out for the alerts and spots.

Nick G4OOE

Hi Nick,
Enjoy you trip to Malaga…I will look for you from Madrid, specially on 40/30 CW!!!

Hi Mo

Thank you very much. I hope we manage to work you from some of the EA7 summits.


Four summits activated by us today.
EA7/MA-027 - We only had permission to be on site for 45 minutes so apologies if we didn’t work any callers.
EA7/MA-075 - We had limited space with numerous pylons with various antennas so we first used my vertical antenna which wasn’t as good as the dipole. So to make sure we all qualified we erected Victor’s dipole on some waste ground.
EA7/MA-098 - The village centre is Inthe activator zone so another really easy summit.
EA7/MA-107 - A good road all the way to the summit where there is a viewing platform and a roundabout.
Thank you all for working us in very hot conditions - max temp today 37C!
Enjoying our evening meal now and we are not yet sure what our plans are for tomorrow yet.
Dave, Victor & Nick

Must have been a hard day Nick… 74s and well done. Sorry I missed you…


I copied you, Victor @GI4ONL, while you were CQing from EA7/MA-107 on 17m, but I couldn’t make my QRP reduced due to 4 bulbs on the SWR meter of my FT-817 go to your ears.
Unfortunately I can’t tune my endfed antenna with my MFJ-941B antenna tuner on 17m.
While I was calling you and not being copied, I heard you working some US chasers. A W0, a WC4, I believe, and also Rich N4EX.
I did copy you and all the americans, which meant that the band conditions were really good,
Enjoy your trip and the Cruz Campo beer.
I hope to chase you some time this week.



Hi Guru
Sorry we didn’t hear you today. We are enjoying our trip to Malaga area and we are also enjoying the food and drink that is on offer.
Hi Phil
Sorry we didn’t make an S2S with you but hopefully we will hook up with you sometime this week. Our drive-ons today involved a lot of driving and although easy it is really too hot to do serious walking!
73 (not 74 - hi hi! - I must get a laptop so I can type properly.)
Nick EA7/G4OOE/P

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FB Nick, you did brilliant yesterday to activate those unique summits - it was a timely update to the EA7 area association for you creating the extra summits!

Today I am walking up the Brocken DM/SA-001 with XYL Judy. We are using a route from the village of Torfhaus which DG7ACF kindly put into the SMP. Weather is good - temperature around 20c with sunshine.

I hope condx for me are better on 20m yesterday - no contacts on that band late afternoon. I ended with 17 QSOs on 40m and 30m. I did work HB9BIN/P and HB9CBR/P for S2S.

73 Phil DL/G4OBK/P

Despite is not my favorite mode, many thanks Dave G3TQQ for the 40m SSB contact.
Please try 40m CW, if possible.
Enjoy EA7…and drink something better than Cruz Campo…HI HI!!!

Hi guys,
Thanks again for the 40m CW Nick G4OOE !!!
Your are right now 599 in Madrid.

Hello all
Thanks very much for all the contacts today on our three activated summits.
EA7/MA-032 A drive on summit with a brick tower.
EA7/MA-113 Another drive on to the activation zone where we parked in the public car park by the viewing area. We decided to leave the viewing area and climbed to summit area where we set up our stations in very dry brush using convenient trees for antenna supports.
EA7/MA-116 We were able to drive to within 1.5km from summit and walked along the track to within sight of trig point. Then about 50 m climb to the summit. Great views from this one.
Phil - We did listen out for you when you were spotted but we just couldn’t hear anything.
Mo - Great to work you on 7-cw.
Victor had been absolutely heroic in driving to all the summits. Thankfully, the air con on the car works very well, absolutely vital in these high temperatures.

Nick EA7/G4OOE/P

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Another very hot day with conditions varying considerably, probably due to the dramatic solar activity.
EA7/MA-105 - Another fairly easy one but we had steep olive groves to negotiate before reaching the summit trig point. We all struggled on HF contacts on various bands then14 MHz opened briefly and we even worked VE3JCW and numerous European stations.

EA7/MA-109 - Quite difficult to find a good parking place for this one but a friendly man who gave us some avocados, showed us where to go. We found the parking spot and walked up the footpath to the summit where there is a shrine and trig point. We all qualified on 14 MHz. 7MHz was dead so no luck on ssb or cw. Victor had some success on 18 MHz.
Thanks again everybody. We will try and do some more tomorrow. The picture shows Dave EA7/G3TQQ/P on the summit trig point and the view from the summit.

We hope to do more tomorrow.



Great picture of young Dave which I am sure will be much admired by the lovely Kathleen…

What did you do with the Avocados Nick? Thanks for FB report.

73 Phil

Next time, you sould consider activating the trig point also…ref. VGMA-144…(off course…you can do it)…You will have huge pileups from Spanish stations…!!! HI HI
About avocados “aguacates”…you can do “guacamole” to dip in “nachos”…or a salad with shrimps…etc…etc., a lot of possible combinations…HI HI
Enjoy your trip…and I hope to contact you again, father Sun permiting!!!

Thank you Victor and Dave for 40m CW/SSB contacts…FB sigs in Madrid today!!!
No luck with Nick on 30m CW…too much QSB…SRI

Another great day out with mixed experiences:
EA7/MA-093 - Another very easy one with parking available within the activation zone but we walked up to the summit water storage container. We could hear noise all over the 14 MHz band (maybe caused by solar panels) so we just used 7 & 10 MHz. Conditions were good and we had a good haul of contacts.
We then set off on the long drive to EA7/MA-064 but the track was too poor for our 2 wheel drive car so we abandoned that one.
EA7/MA-120 - This was a difficult one to access. First we tried from the north of Pizarra but again the track was too poor for our car. After driving around the town several times we eventually found a good track from the southeast. However, care was needed with unprotected track edges! We arrived near the trig point that is within the activation zone. Victor had a pile up on 14-cw. Dave worked a handful on 14-ssb and I had a fair few on 10-cw. Then I tried 7-cw and only managed 1 contact. Dave then had a fantastic time clocking up 27 EAs on 7-ssb.
Phil - We haven’t yet done anything with the avocados as they are ripening in the car’s back seat!
Mo - Good that you worked Victor and Dave today.
As I write this Victor is tucking in to leg of goat while Dave and I have gone for the pork. We are certainly enjoying the Spanish cuisine!
Thanks again everyone.

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We saw this truck and trailer leave our hotel car park today. The escort driver said that it weighed over 200 tonnes and it has 80 wheels on the trailer!

A fantastic day today driving to EA7/MA-008. Spectacular views of the Med and surrounding mountains. We parked in the viewing area and after a very enjoyable meal in the cafe we walked the final 1.75 km to the summit. Lots of locally generated noise on most bands, probably due to all the hardware around the summit but after a slow start we all managed to easily qualify.
We finished off the day by going grande at a Malaga KFC! Thanks again to all the chasers and sorry we couldn’t hear you Phil and thanks to unknown stations trying to help us.

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Dave EA7/G3TQQ/P on EA7/MA-008 summit

I want you to thanks for all QSO.
Really fine to see that you get a big fun.
See you on a next tour.
73 QRO