Hello to all,
Finally, the government of my territory has lifted the Covid lockdown. Since I am not in physical shape, I chose a summit where I only had to walk 20m. My KX2 stayed home and I carried ‘heavy artillery’. Results 111 qso, 7 with DX stations. The video.
TNX chassers.


Good activity Jose Luis, I hope you enjoyed it a lot.73

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ok qsos 73 dx Jose

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Yes Jon was fun, Also another result I’ve seen now: two new mountain goats chasing me Jarek @SP9MA and Stavros @SV2RUJ.
I enjoy when they call me Mountain Goats
73 and take care

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I was really pleased to have a contact with you on both 14MHz CW and SSB, though the QSB was troublesome on SSB. Looking at the summit on Google Earth I could see the extensive radio installations there and wondered where you would take shelter from all of the RF on the summit. Now I see where you sheltered, Hi.

73, Gerald G4OIG

Yes, Parapanda is a forest of antennas. This mountain has a strategic location for communications in Andalusia (EA7). It was also easily accessible by a paved road, today only for 4x4 vehicles.
He thought he would have RF problems, but surprisingly no, the noise on the bands was not higher than S3.
Maybe the Iberian ham sandwich filter the noise? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


A successful activation on a summit with a lot of imposing antenna towers.

I’m looking forward to our first S2S connection, José. Te hablaré pronto!

73 Chris

WoW, very heavy weight Gear, congrats, hihi.

Hi Jon, Very strong climbing, I am still recovering. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: