EA6SX on 2m FT8 in Yorkshire

Not SOTA but I just observed on my screen for a few minutes at good strength in IO94of on 2m FT8 - EA6SX Balearic Isles, (I guess Mallorca). No QSO but ready for him if the Es returns in my favour…

73 Phil


Did you try 70Mhz ? hearing here some FT8 sigs on my Windom FD4 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Yes Eric, a little later on 4m I worked 11:37 EB3JT, `12:22 EA2BFM, 12:33 EA8JF and 12:41 CU3EQ (Azores) who gave me a +20 SNR. Band has gone out now, even for FT8 users like me. Give me CW anyday, but FT8 will do for DX if that is there is.

Last night in an opening on 6m to Carribean I worked PJ2, J3, PJ4 (2), 9Y4, VP2E, C37. Also heard but did not call VE, HK3, FG, YV, KA1A (CT) and KP4. I joined the party late at 2015z and it finished for my log at 2125z but there were still the same stations operating up to around 2200z or just after. I have a 4m/6m 5+5 dual band Vine yagi that I’ve had for many years. Last night when I had worked a few of the new ones out of the batch operating I went down to 50.100 and called CQ on CW several times - nothing came back. All I heard was F4ARU calling CQ DX on SSB at 59 and getting no takers when I listened to his calls.

6m was open again today to USA/VE before lunch, about an hour ago. Now I just see EU stations on FT8.

73 Phil

PS Correction at 13:30z I see VE and W stns on 6m again and 5T5PA.


Has anyone been up very early during this current Sp.E season? I’m just deliberating what to go for in my next early morning SOTA activation, possibly tomorrow morning. 2m, 6m or 10m? I’m guessing 10m would be the best choice.

From experience and FWIW I can never recall 6m being open early, before 10am. I’m sure it does open up early at times. 10m is probably more likely than 6m early on.


It’s 04:57 UTC today propa seen in Europe : (from cluster)

I’ll put the same later.

73, Éric

05:15 UTC

6m opening mainly on FT8 mode

Now 1 hour later :

10m opening

15 minutes later 6m open too (FT8)

Can’t put the graph ! I got this message from the server

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Sometimes the software is very annoying. But it works quite well so we are reluctant to change some of these options.

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If you want more it’s here :


I’ll stop this post :wink:

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I’m out a lot later than anticipated. I’ll try 10m I think.

10m is open Tom GL

Then my mind was made up for me! Due to “still not getting round to” relabelling my antenna bags, I opened my 10m bag in summit to find my 6m GP! My 10m-12m GP was in the 12m bag it seems!

Never mind, 6m is open too!

:joy: Was looking for you Tom on 6m but nothing ! To much people with strong sigs

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Just 4 QSOs on Gun G/SP-013: HA, UR, 9A and E7 - so decent distances on 6m FT8.

I would have operated longer, but the rain started, which I knew was only going to get heavier as the day went on.

I nipped over to The Cloud G/SP-015 and made 5 contacts on the 2m FM handheld.

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10 m is on the safe side. 10m is more often open in sporadic e. 10m in cw more activity compared to 6m.
Even if 6m is completely open very low activity in cw or always the same stations. 6m is now the playground for QRO stations running a KW or so and big gun antenna.
Yesterday May 19th late evening in FT8 from Germany to USA good opening on 6m, was reported to me from DH6DAO.

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