EA6 Tour

Just worked EA6-G4OOE/p on 14285 10:20hrs utc 5/8 here in SW UK

Glad too see I can hear them a lot better today.
Propagation not so kind yesterday.


Signals on 20 SSB too weak to work here :frowning: Hoping that CW or another band is better.


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Woohoo! Worked Phil on EA6/MA-040 with my FT817 on 17m SSB! Cool!

Propagation much better today. Hope condx stay OK for QRPTTF guys tomorrow.

Heard you work Hermann DL/OE5HFM/P too.

73, Colin

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Good one Colin.

just matter of getting right band fit for your location.

Just goes to show how it can vary so much from one part of the country to the next.

Believe there back on another one tomorrow afternoon from what heard on air.

Really, Herman was very strong too as German Sotas also been bit on weak and quiet side of late same as Spanish Sota stations.