yesterday I activated La Safor. Operating frequency was 14.050, since I was not QRP. Unfortunately I was later than announced on the summit. After half an hour CQing I wanted to give up, since the resonance was very poor. But then the QSO rate increased, when a Bulgarian op said he will spot me. When I made QRT I had 48 contacts, which is close to normal. But the calls differed from what I was used to.
At home I looked for a spot on SOTAwatch, but there was none. The spot was on DX cluster, and seemed to have worked out. I worked with 50W, at the end even with 100W and got mostly 599. Most contacts were with Eastern Europe, but had some with G and DL as well.
I stay here for another week and a half and will try to activate some other summits. Since I have access to internet I will set alerts before activations.
Hope to hear you.
73 Reinhard, DK1IO

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Hi Rheinhard, glad you got the qso`s. You have posted this to the German language reflector so only people who tick german language in their profile can see it.
73 Steve.

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Yes, Steve, but when I saw it, it was too late, hi.