EA4/TO-046 activation report

Hi all

Today Alfonso EA4R and I, Rick EA4M were activating my first SOTA reference in some modes and bands
HF : 20 CW and SSB, 30 CW and 40 CW and SSB
Satellites : CAS4-B SO-50 and RS-44 and tried to work some local guys in FM but no luck.

The place is located in Castilla La Mancha community in the countryside in the middle of nowhere , high temperatures and without trees to scape from the sun. We spend about 30 minutes to reach the summit, it is not very high , only 2 points, but we have to scale some scattered surfaces to get to the top of the mountain ( the backpack weight was 8 kg). Once there Alf started to build up the HF antenna and I started to build the Arrow for satellites. We worked in full duplex with two x FT-817 for satellites and another FT-817 for HF.

It was very funny and we enjoied a lot but around 9 UTC the temperature was unbearable and decided to dismount everything and go to the car and enjoy the air conditioning!!!

Our first QSO was on CAS-4B satellite with HB0TR in SSB very loud and clear that bird is amazing!!! The first CW QSO in HF was IK2LEY on 20 meters,
We had a very special QSO in SAT mode with EA2LU Geo, that was very special for me and I appreciate it very much!
Finished our operation in 20 CW with YO2BP in 20 meters and OH5LK in SAT mode in CW on RS-44.

Thanks to SP9MA/P for my first S2S QSO, I’ll never forget!!!

I attach some pictures of our radio day at the summit, thank all of you for your QSO’s and I hope that this activation will be the first of much more to come!!!

The summit

EA4R and EA4M

Refreshment Break

Handling CW pileup!
Satellite SetUp


CQing on SO-50 sat
CWing on 40

73’s de Rick EA4M and Alf EA4R


Congratulations for this very first SOTA activation and thank you very much for the report with pictures and videos. I hope there will be many more SOTAs to come in the near future. I’m sorry for not having been on my SOTA in time for a S2S with you guys. I should have waken up earlier bearing in mind the really high temperatures you have to bear with in that part of the country.
You are 2 of the true top class ham radio operators in EA and today’s successful multi-multi mode SOTA activation was something to be mentionned and highlighted in my next SOTA news bulletin.
Keep up the good work!


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Thankyou so much guru, it was truly sad could not have done our S2S qso. I have another excuse to go to another summit. With the help of Ignacio EA2BD and Geo EA2LU I’m going to build a new HF antenna for 30 , 20 and 40 meters to try another summit soon.

Hope to hear you soon.

73 de Rick EA4M

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Glad to have been a part of your first SOTA activity as an activator. I hope to repeat as soon as possible.
The heat has not allowed us to spend more time on the radio. Perhaps a heat point bonus could be set … just like in winter. It is really hard to climb a mountain and be up there for several hours at 35 ° C or higher.
73 de EA4R Alfonso

Thanks Guru for your words … I have had good examples to learn from.
Now that Ricardo has debited … we have a pending activity. We will think that we can organize !!

73 de EA4R Alfonso

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Hi Rick,

I’m very glad you did your activation succesfully. I was lucky to chase you on 40 CW despite being far from home, on my summer QTH with my QRP rig and a small antenna; you proved having good ears!

Congratulations for these satellite QSO as well, and thanks Alf for inviting you and joining in your first SOTA, assisting with his gear. As others said, hopefully many more to come.

Well done Rick & Alf.

VY 73 de Ignacio