EA2NN/P Thanks for SOTA from Spain


Some QSB this morning, but when your signal came up you heard my call and report. Thanks for my first logged SOTA in Spain.

John N0EVH

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You’re just having to much fun with SOTA John. :slight_smile:
Gary A. - W0MNA

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I was listening to his signal and it was deep in the noise, was about to move on when I heard him send SOTA. Now that got my ears going! He never was spotted on 12 meters in USA. Maybe I was the only one that worked him, don’t know. Planning on some summits in early April.

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Keep me posted on the summits you’re planning in early April. We’re going to activate those down near Branson while we’re at Ozarkcon.

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He never was spotted on 12 meters in USA.

Often not that many skimmers listening on 12 metres, so RBN probably misses at least some activations on that band.

73, Rick M0LEP

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Tomorrow -sunday- EA2BDS and EA2CW will be again on 24mhz, say from 13:00 to 15:00 UTC from EA2/SS-005 using a 6 m. high 1/4 GP antenna for this band.
So, I hope you wil be able to work us. These last months we already have made more than 140 qsos with USA and Canada, using always no more than 5-7 watts.
73 Mikel EA2CW

In reply to EA2CW: Mike, close but no joy. I could hear a few letters now and then, but not enough to give you a call and make a successful QSO. Hope you all had a great time on the summit today. John N0EVH

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Hi John!

I’m sorry to hear that! We arrived a bit too late to the summit, and had shorter than expected time to being on the air… The ·%*!$%"& 24 mhz band was -as usually- unstable and we were working USA-EU stations mixed… EA2BDS’s buddistick-like antenna -IMHO- was too small, but the 24 mhz GP did well.

The Ernio summit was impressive, but strong wind didn’t let us enjoying it as we wanted.

Anyway, next weekend we’ll keep on trying from another summit, using one rig just for 24mhz work all the time, and the other one for the rest of the bands. Hope to meet you there!

As you can see, EA2 Association “goats” are between the most active ones, (7 summits activated just last sunday)

73 de Mikel