EA2BD/P two summits activation 28/07/2014


this morning I have activated two references: EA1/BU-001, and EA1/BU-002-

One of the auto-spots announced me in the wrong summit. Here the spot:

Mon 10:22 EA2BD/P on EA1/BU-002 7.0311 cw
*CQ CQ at 22 wpm. S/N=13 dB at F5VLY {Via RBNGate} (Posted by KU6J)

At that time I was still ending my first summit EA1/BU-001. So please check if you have logged me in the rigth summit if you did a qso in 40m around that time.

My first qso in EA1/BU-002 was not before than 11:28.

Apart from that, the day was just fine, temp abt 18C but unfortunatelly at the end of the activation dark clouds and wind started aproaching quickly and some thunder noise on the radio forced me to end.

Today something happened on my radio, the FT-817, and it is the second time it happens with no identified cause. When working CW 14MHz a blinking message was shown on the display saying “TX Error”.
Batt voltage was fine and SWR as well. Maybe some static around caused such a thing?

I decreased power to 2,5w and got on. In the next summit it didn’t happen…

To end this thead let me thank all who worked me this morning. As for a monday morning I didn’t expected to have a huge pile up apart from the fact of giving two 10-pointers, but in the end I worked many chasers. I enjoyed the climb and to greet many frequent colleages.

During last days I have been staying in the EA1/Burgos region and I chased a lot of Sota with a minimal set up. I enjoy being free of the nasty noise from my home qth and take the chance of being heard by activators with a simple antenna running low power. I took the chance to developsome antenna tests and promise to give some feedback if my experiments succeed…

73 and see you soon from another summit.
Ignacio EA2BD

In reply to EA2BD:

Hello Ignacio,

Thank you for the two summits today 8) Here in the SE UK there were very big storms which created high static. I had to keep grounding the antennas to keep things safe and then re-open to make a QSO! I have a Alpha Delta-4B switch which makes things a bit easier. I am pleased you had a good day and good luck with the experiments.

Thanks again for going onto SSB and the summits.

Best wishes & night night.