EA2/TE-018 and EA2/TE-028 26/Feb/2022


My plan at the beginning of the week was to activate Mt. Nevera EA5/CS-009. The weather forecast was good, but on Friday when I checked again the conditions had worsened considerably.
My plans for this season included the two summits of this report but for weeks later. Although the relatively good weather forecasts for Saturday was the reason for my change of plans.
It was already decided, 100kms from my house was my next target Sota on Saturday.

EA2/TE-018 Mt. La Mardana

The fog was present throughout the day

After an hour and a half on the road with stretches of rain and thick fog, I reach the starting point for the summit.

From the beginning to the summit I covered a little more than 2kms, in less than an hour I was at the top.

My setup at the top

Don’t expect pretty views from this tree-lined summit, but with the mist the place has a magical touch.
Starting at 40m I had a hard time finding a point on the band that wasn’t interfered with (French contest). Despite this I was able to get just over 100qso on this band. It wasn’t bad for the conditions that day.

Thanks Antonio EC2AG from EA2/BI-062 for the only s2s of this activity.
I was going to adjust my dipole for the 20m band when I heard several nearby shots. I knew this could happen, it is a big game area. It did not seem safe to me to continue in the area, I loaded my backpack and started the descent.

Hunting area notice

EA2/TE-028 Mt. Rocha

After eating something when I got to the car, I drove to Cantavieja, a nice town near the summits, to have a hot coffee. I needed to warm up my body, the temperatures in the area were no higher than 2ºC.

With the body already warm, I start the climb to the summit. The fog does not disappear completely and from time to time there is also a soft rain.

Reaching the summit

The distance from the car to the summit is very short, in less than half an hour I’m up.

I start at 20m to try my luck with the USA, but today is not the day. But I do have a lot of luck with the s2s: Leszek SQ9MDF/P and Wioletta SQ9NOT/P from SP/BZ-011. Also Martin M7BIA/P from G/SP-004. Thanks guys.

I also got lucky on 40m with a lot of qso’s and a s2s with Marcial EA2WX/P from EA2/BI-055.

My fingers and my face were already beginning to feel the cold of the day, it was time to take the road back home. A nice getaway to the mountains to enjoy the radio in contact with you and nature.
73 de EA5INS


Thanks for the nice report and pictures Jon, sorry I was absent from home and missed these two in my log.
See you from another one soon, 73

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I missed your call Ignacio, more summits will arrive soon.73

you had a good signal- it’s good that you are working qrp… sq9not/sq9mdf


Wow! Nice winter scene, also received with a strong signal.73