EA2/TE-016 great activation


Last friday I had the oportunity to activate the Perigañol summit EA2/TE-016, after few month without SOTA activation in my side, was time to test new gadgeds in my station.

The solar battery and Alexloop did a great job, read more at:

Best 73,

Esteve EB3EPR

Hello Esteve,
congratulation to your successful activation and the interesting report.
I like to read about the magnetic loop antenna, seems to be a very good design.
The solar battery looks very nice, is it really 12 000 mAh ?
VY 73 Martin df3mc

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Hi Martin,

Regarding the battery I do not belive its a 12000mAH battery maybe 6 or 7000mAH is the right one, this one has USB port 9V-11V-12V-14V-19v and its posible to connect up to 3 diferent devices with a maximum of 70w.

The only problem its when you conect to the battery a radio like elecraft KX-1 than drain just a few mA in this case the battery switch off automatically after couple of minutes because can no detect de radio conected, this is no problem if you plug the FT-817 at 12v output.

The Alexloop its a bit overpriced antenna but really do the job, its well done and come with a portable bag, very easy to adjust, just lisen for the band noise and finish looking for lower swr at the radio, all this take a few seconds.

40m its a dificult band not for swr but its dificult to do some QSOs there, its just a small 1m loop and the 40m its a plus band than allow to do some QSO but with poor results. All other band 30 to 10m are really a pleasure to do a QSOs with such a small antenna.


Esteve EB3EPR

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Another question. Where did you buy it ?
73 QRO

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Hi Roger,

I bought the battery at ebay this is one of the diferents links you can found.



Esteve EB3EPR