Hi there

Today promised me very happy in activiad, EA1/PL-007 Valdecebollas but storms did not want, and was reaching the summit and we had a storm nearby,

I could do 5 contacts on 20 meters and go, sorry for the hunters who were waiting … the first thing is our safety, summits can expect.

Ec2ag Antonio

In reply to EC2AG:
Dear Antonio,
You are totally right, your safety is first and having storms threatening around, you definitely made the right decisión ==> QRT and descent.
I’m glad to be one of the only 5 chasers you got on 20m SSB.
I saw a spot of your activity and went to look for you to the QRG, but I couldn’t hear you at all, so I went downstairs to do some few chores. After some few minutes I came back upstairs and decided to look for you again. Luckily I found you were calling and your signals were arriving to me in very good conditions. I only called you once with my QRP 5w and you got me immediately. Thank you very much for this QSO!
Best 73 de Guru - EA2IF (AM02IF in these days)