One believes this summit is a virgin no more

Man wot a PIle up
finally broke through took 1/2hr but worth it

Hats off to the operator for dealing with it

Now why is it you sit there waiting for sotas to come on air
The moment your backs turned in they all come on air
always makes me laugh :slight_smile:

BIG thanks to EA2DCA/p for setting up a brand new sota for us all


Methinks you mean EA1/BU-026, Karl!

Walt (G3NYY)

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You will have to turn your shack webcam off Karl… :wink:

It can be great fun handling a pile up when activating a new summit. Memories of running 7MHz SSB from Fitty Hill GM/SI-217 back in April 2012 are still very clear in my mind… I’ve never been the same since! :wink:

73, Gerald G4OIG

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doooh G3NYY

thanks walt
Corrected now


Hmmm another virgin summit
just check the activations list and its empty for this summit

IU1AUG/P on I/PM-334

2 virgins in one day can;t be bad :smile: