Ea/oe6wig/p wrong Ref. number EA2/NV-162

On 07/06/14 i use a wrong Ref-number.
please change from EA2/NV-162 to EA2/NV-163, sri.
EA/OE6WIG/p Frank

In reply to OE6WIG:
Thanks for correction Frank.
My log amended.
Best wishes

Thanks Frank, likewise my log also amended.73 Don G0RQL.

In reply to OE6WIG:
Thank you Frank for the information and your activation.

I have also amended my log.

Hope to speak again soon.


Sara M6NHA

In reply to OE6WIG:
Hello Frank,
That’s 'll be done quickly… Thanks for S2S…
Thanks every body… And specially to Roger at work who’s follow me on APRS… Very appreciate… THANKS
Heard you soon

In reply to OE6WIG:
Thanks for information. I have corrected my log.

73 de Michael, DB7MM