Does anybody have any experience with “D-Original DX-HF-PRO-1” mobile antenna?
Looks too multi to be good…

TU es 73

Zoran / E70AA

Hi Zoran. I often use a similar heavily modified COMTRAK 3800 MK2 model. I added a 5 meter Chinese telescopic whip purchased on AliExpress, so the antenna operates as a quarter wave from 20 to 10 meters, with 8 or more non-resonant radials, while using the sliding coil it tunes from 30 to 60. In my opinion in the period of E-Sporadic it is a good choice

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Hi Zoran,
If this is the same as the Komunica antenna HF-PRO-1 - I have the later HF-PRO-2-PLUS-T model and it certainly performs well, especially tripod mounted with radials. 80-2m, packs small (the latest “Plus-T” upgrade is to change from the solid whip to a telescopic one).

Is “D-Original” the name of a company? Do you have a web URL to the antenna you are referring to - I can then see if it is the same as the old Komunica model.

73 Ed.

Greetings from Bosnia.

Fabio, thank you for sharing your experience and that nice photo.

Ed, yes, D-original is the name of the manufacturer. I could not find their web site, but their products are sold on eBay and through some European e-shops. I actually found information about the antenna on a Hungarian site (https://www.anico-hamshop.eu/d-original_dx-hf-pro-1_antenna_1372). Also, there is a relevant leaflet on a Spanish site (https://www.tot-radio.com/docs/Manual_DX-HF-PRO-1_es.pdf). I hope this will help you figuring out if D-original is just a new name for Komunica and if the similar product codes support that assumption.

73 de Zoran/E70AA

It certainly looks like the Komunica antenna:

I don’t believe Komunica are changing their name so the “D-Original” could be a distributor or simply the same product from China imported to Hungary by D-Original.
In any case - If you’re are looking at a mobile antenna to use portable, I would recommend the Komunica HF-PRO-2-Plus-T over the HF-PRO-1 as being easier to transport inside a small pack, however it is more expensive.

73 Ed.

Ed, thank you very much for taking time to answer my question. Frankly, I still have doubts about this antenna and its ability to efficiently cover such a huge range of frequencies, but the excellent review on your web site convinced me that I should give it a shot… I am currently getting ready for the incoming VHF contesting season, but will be back to the HF SOTA in the fall, when I plan to buy and experiment with the recommended Komunica HF-Pro-2-Plus-T antenna. Thanks again for your help.
73 de E70AA

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Hi Zoran,
I am very happy with the this antenna - especially if there is a long walk or limited space on a summit.
Please note that the HF-PRO-2-PLUS-T is really an 80m to 10m HF antenna. It can be used on 8m, 6m, 4m & 2m simply as a whip (telescoping the sections in to make a 1/4 wave or 5/8 wave) but you can build or buy some far better antennas for VHF. If you want just one antenna for HF and VHF, then it’s fine.

It does need a tripod and radial wires (I use 8 x 3m). Komunica also sells a tripod kit but it is not difficult to build your own if you have an old photo tripod that you can take the bolt off and fit an SO239 socket to.
Without radials, the antenna does not work at all well (it was designed to have a metal car roof under it after all).

73 Ed.

My tripod alternative for non-rocky summit…


Hello Ed and Fabio,

Thank you for keeping this thread alive and making me search the Net for these short, multi band antennas. My latest find is this little giant (https://www.passion-radio.com/antennas/hfexplorermini-1079.html), which covers all the HF bands and even 160m band!! Of course, this cannot be a very efficient antenna, but with the Fabio’s extended telescopic whip and the little invention for improved stability, hey, this could be a really big thing…


Zoran / E70AA

Hi Zoran,
This one unlike the HF-Pro-2, uses pre-set banana plug sockets and the non-movable positions on a coil for each band will only be correct if there is a very large ground plane (such as a car roof) underneath it. With the other models we have been looking at, there is an adjustable scale - so you can compensate for any failures in your radial field by adjusting the coil.

I also have one of this banana-plug type (from Opek I think) that I bought at Friedrichshafen some years ago. It “sort of” worked on 40 & 20m on a magnetic mount on my car roof, but I could never get it to work on a portable tripod with radial wires.

I would not buy one of the antennas with shorting leads and banana sockets again.

73 Ed.

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Hi Zoran,

You can try this also, you can find on Ebay …without tripod and for an effective length of nearly 5 m - between 7Mhz and 50Mhz, I give you the french link !

I am a fan of the maximum length for a vertical and not for stopgap :slight_smile:
Yes we are far from a quarter wave on 40m but still a little less far!

On Ebay it’s easy to find this antenna - sorry for no translation !

Ordered one for me and waiting ! Now with the propa grooving, for me it’s full of hope !

73, Éric


I’m a little late to this discussion but if you look carefully at the photograph on the anico-hamshop.eu website, the antenna is actually badged Komunica.

I’m also toying with the idea of this antenna, mainly to use as a winter antenna when it is too cold to go out to the shack. House portable I suppose. It should also find some use mobile/portable when I can’t be bothered with a wire and pole.

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Hi Leo,
Although the HF-Pro-1 is still available, I recommend you look at the Komunica Power HF-PRO2-PLUS-T. That “Plus-T” is significant as they have changed the design from using two pieces of metal rod with an Allen screw tightened joiner, to using a telescopic element instead. As well as making transport and assembly much simpler, it also adds the ability to use the antenna (in a pinch), on VHF bands as well, as a 1/4 wave or 5/8 antenna. With the supplied add-in loading coil, and hand adjustable coil on its base, it covers all bands from 80m through 2 metres.

My review is here: Komunica HF-PRO-2-PLUS-T HF portable vertical antenna. | DD5LP / G8GLM / VK2JI blog

In the UK, it’s sold by Lamco in Barnsley - https://www.hamradio-shop.co.uk/product-category/komunica/

If considering using any of these antennas portable, you will need a base and radials. I built my own using a small photo tripod but Kommunica also sells a tripod with radials for the antenna as an accessory.

73 Ed.

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