DV Challenge Flavour

I see there’s been quite a few DV activations taking place today while I had to work…

Still, seeing as it was me that inferred that work was no excuse and that it was about making best use of one’s own time in the other thread, I’d better get out there hadn’t I?

C4FMers out there - please monitor 144.6125 from about 9pm local! Last night of the DV Flavour.

Had hoped to catch you from one of todays summits Tom on C4FM, alas it wasn’t meant to be.

Was good to get the regulars, and some new users of C4FM simplex around the Lancaster area. Pretty much guaranteed these days to manage to activate the south lakes purely on C4FM.

I must be doing something wrong as I never hear a thing unless I connect to wires x on C4FM

I was working today; only able to get out this evening.

Wish I’d thought to ask for M6CSS the other day :wink:

Best way to check is with someone you have solid 59 copy both ways on analogue FM. Then try switching to C4FM mode with that person, see what happens. It will either demonstrate that everything is working, or help you to identify a setting (for instance) that is not right.

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