Dup Summit Ref in F

Dear Whoever it is I am supposed to talk to!

I thought I might post here, for lack of knowing what else to do, and because I need advice. Perhaps an email to the M.T. would be more appropriate, but as it is not a contentious issue, I felt it safe to raise it here and hopefully gain said advice!

Tomorrow (04 Sept) I am going to attempt a HF activation of the SOTA summit I live on the side of in Southern France. It is known locally as both Mont Lozére and (more precisely) as Sommet de Finiels. However, this is where the confusion lies - it is listed in the databse as both F/MC-195 Mont Lozére and F/MC-196 Sommet de Finiels. Does not compute! Further investigation on the SOTA F website leads me to a 404 error for the page pertaining to department 48 (where the summit is located). Also I speak next to no French, certainly not enough to raise it with anyone within SOTA F. Thus my post here.

It has already been activated (almost excactly a year ago) as '196 - so my question is can I activate is as '195 as a unique or not? I’m confused!

I will be active on 20m and 40m using the 817, though I do not fancy my chances among the All Asian DX Contest :frowning: At least its a good walk!

Dave F/M0MYA/P

Looking at Google Earth the two spot points for F/MC-195 and F/MC-916 are in different positions, but I am not convinced that either are actually the highest point or indeed seperated by any meaningful Col.

I guess this is another anomoly.

I would say that as they are both listed in the Database (and presumably the F-ARM) then you are entitled to activate either one until such time as this is resolved (or until the RM / MT say something to the contrary).

Stewart G0LGS

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Bon Chance with the activation of whichever, Dave. A good day for 18MHz if there is an intense contest on?
David M0YDH

For your immediate answer, I suggest you send a direct email to the France Association Manager.


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Perhaps you should just activate under both references (and claim two lots of points) before anyone else notices the anomaly and one of the summits gets deleted.



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Hi Dave

Few months ago, we changed the summit presentation by departments to regions on the SOTA FRANCE website (french side); but we didn’t update the English side… sri ! that’s why you got an error.
So you have to go on the french part of the website and choose MC region.
Now about MC-196, it seems to be a dupe. So it should be deleted, and you have to choose the Mont Lozère which is the main summit in this area.

But sri, I’m not the RM F/MC manager (I’m no longer RM of any French region) and I’m not sure that F summits are managed yet.

Good luck for tomorrow !

73 Alain F6ENO

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Merci beaucoup, Alain! I’ll do exactly that.

David: You may well be right, but I’ve only ever had one QSO on that band, at 400W from the QTH (and using the callsign of) John GW4BVE. Now there’s a little bit of (off list) synchronicity for you!

Thank you all and hope to ctach you in the gaps between the big guns tomorrow.

Dave F/M0MYA/P