Dual antenna configuration.

Hi guys. I’m planning to activate w6/Nc-030 again tomorrow.
I’m bringing my linked dipole and will have it atop my mast with the broadside facing East West. I was thinking of simultaneously hanging my efhw to the same mast with the broad side at 90 degrees to my dipole.
I want to experiment with both in a number of ways.
Has anyone tried this?
I plan on only using one at a time. But my question is whether they will interfere with each other and disrupt my signal propagation?

Any help is appreciated.



Provided they are right angles to each other, interference in each other’s patterns will be minimised but not zero. However the relatively non-directional pattern of low antennas (low in wavelengths) means the pattern changes are unlikely to be observable.

One may work better than the other for certain stations, use the best one for each station if you can readily switch between them.

Great experiment in any case…

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

Good to see you experimenting on a summit I have done same as you but in my yard and found inverted v best but the EFHW will do good work too as long as you can set them up with their feed cables in the same operating position and you can switch easily between both.
Ian vk5cz …