Drumcroy Hill GM/SC-107

Big thanks today for he QSO’s on 17m can only apologise to those waiting for for the points by PSK, this was due to a last miniute activation due to some spare time with work and the IPAD going flat after 15mins.
Drumcroy Hill was a surprising summit to activate a quick walk through the forest along a track with the last 600m through thick forest opens up to a beautiful flat top with a few trees (no need for a pole) the ground was a bit swampy but compared to the Hoove my local summit is dry on the foot about a 45min walk in total. Sorry it wasn’t one of the higher peaks that looked very temping but always been advised to stay below the snow line unless qualified.
Today give me the chance to use the M6WKR callsign for the last time before an upgrade (depending on the process time of new license) and to try the new mic a voice keyer intergrated into the MH31 mic for the 817 that worked well I hope.
Best surprise of all was my first stateside QSO with W7PAQ using PSK and then 20 minutes later a QSO with N4EX using USB, think the prop was in favour today and may have to celebrate with a few of the local whiskies, great little hill to activate.

Thanks for the QSOs