DroidSpot - Android App for Spotting yourself

I have created an Android Phone App that uses Andy’s (MM0FMF) SMS → Spotlite gateway.
Fill in the boxes and the App will format it correctly for you and send the SMS to the Spotlite gateway. No need to remember what order to put the information.

If anyone has an Android phone that uses Andy’s SMS gateway to Spot themselves, and would be interested in testing and giving thoughts / criticisms send me an email (anpepper+ds ‘at’ gmail.com) and I’ll send you a copy.
Keep in mind if you are outside the UK, international SMS charges will apply.


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Great to hear and hank you very much. Have not been able to find it in the market, yet, but I’m sure I will?!

Could you maybe also extend it by a non-SMS spotting feature? Simply over an existing UMTS/GPRS data connection?

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Simply over an existing UMTS/GPRS data connection?

This facility has existed for at least the last 4 years.



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It’s not going to be in the market at present as I want to be able to control the release of it. It’s still very basic. I need to do a lot of work to it.
As Andy mentions Spotlite is already available for use with a GPRS connection. But I find that I usually do not get a 3G connection or less on a hill, but can usually find enough signal to eek out an SMS.

I have a few people testing now, at this point it’s going to be very limited in the release.


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You are definetily right - it’s the same situation here and I guess in most parts of the world, too, so there is need of such an SMS tool, of course!

Didn’t know the spotlite tool, thanks for the advice, I’ll maybe already be able to use it today…