Drizzle on Gummer's How


As a very poor excuse I used the worsening weather report today to press the 1 pointer DX button and activate my local summit G/LD-050, for the first time this year.

I took the FT-857, Sotabeams Band Hopper IV inverted V dipole, 10m compact mast, home made Inv-V for 17m/15m/12m & 10m and Palm Straight Key. The plan was to try 10m for DX and get my mandatory 4 CW QSOs for another Guru Memorial Key entry. Andy @G8CPZ kicked off the CW with a 70cm contact.

With the memory of reading about errant cows in my mind, I passed the bovine residents of Gummer’s How early on the path up. The couple in front with a dog took the wise choice of giving them a really wide berth.

I wasn’t sure how long I’d last today but the plan was to get the tarp up ready for the predicted sleet/drizzle. The benchmark still looks a little sad and I did think I should bring a small bag of mortar on each trip up and slowly re-build it.


I have misplaced my walking pole so I made use of two GRP hollow tubes I had lying around ready to be made into flowerpot antennas. They made a good support for the front of the tarp.

DD Superlight weight tarp taking the bite of the wind and drizzle

The activation started on 20m and proceeded briskly, although a few of the usual chasers must have been chasing other stations. Great to get a S2S with Jarek operating as SP15SOTA and finally got a S2S with Knut @LA9DSA after half a dozen attempts!

As I was using the linked dipole I wasn’t able to switch bands the same as when using the Chamelon MPAS2, so concentrated on 20m SSB and CW until I felt like I’d done it justice.

I then swapped out the Band Hopper IV for my homemade ‘high HF’ antenna and left it on the shortest 10m span. I was getting reports of bad audio at 100w so dropped the power to arond 40w which fixed the issue. It was great to get so many stations on 10m but it was a case of perseverence and respotting as well as leaveraging my POTA location. Best DX was Venezuela, followed by Dominican Republic and a good few contacts into North America. Of note was my 10m FM QSO with @KF9D Roger who caught me on SSB earlier - I think that is a new band/mode combination for me!

Finally KO4GAR confirmed that he was working me with QRPP at 1 watt. There was a little QSB on his signal but very pleased with contact given I had 5m of wire in the air!

Not bad for 2 hours on the summit - I called it a day when the cold started to creep into my bones. Had a few muggles ask what I was up to, one guy knew what SSB was and for once when asked if I was ‘doing CB’ I could reply ‘pretty much’! That particular guy was really nice to talk to, being a well heeled Lake District Fell Walker. He was rolling his eyes at folk climbing icy fell in wellies, trainers or wearing very little clothing. Helvellyn being the worst for these kind of folk, and as anyone who has activated it knows, there really is no hiding on Helvellyn from the elements!

Thanks for everyone being out there today, I felt like I made the most of the day given the weather conditions. Everything is now on a radiator drying out!

10:51 EA2AG/P 20m SSB 59 59 Iosu SOTA EA2/BI-030
10:52 G8CPZ 70cm CW 599 599 AJ
10:58 SP15OTA 20m CW 599 599 Jarek SOTA SP/BZ-018
11:00 CT2HOV/P 20m SSB 55 57 Nuno
11:02 IN3ADF/P 20m SSB 59 57 Markus SOTA I/AA-196
11:07 IN3EYY/P 20m SSB 59 56 NICOLA POTA I-1336
11:10 IU1KGS 20m SSB 59 59 Carlo
11:10 OH3GZ 20m SSB 59 59 JUKKA
11:10 E74A 20m SSB 59 59 Edin
11:11 SP6KEP 20m SSB 59 59 Radio
11:11 SP6BOW 20m SSB 59 59 AUGUSTYN
11:12 SQ9MDF 20m SSB 59 57 Leszek
11:12 F4ISZ 20m SSB 59 55 Franck
11:12 EA3HP 20m SSB 59 55 Daniel
11:13 F4IOQ/QRP 20m SSB 59 59 DIXNEUF
11:13 EA2EVM 20m SSB 59 55 Cesareo
11:13 SV3IEG 20m SSB 55 57 Dinos
11:14 G4OBK 20m SSB 59 54 Philip
11:14 DJ6DO 20m SSB 59 59 Gerhard
11:17 LA9DSA/P 20m SSB 51 56 Knut SOTA LA/HM-216
11:19 SQ9NIS 20m SSB 54 59 Maciej SOTA SP/BZ-016
11:24 G0FEX 80m SSB 59 59 KEN
11:25 GM4WHA 80m SSB 55 45 GEOFF
11:25 M0JLA 80m SSB 59 58 Rod
11:26 GW3YQP 80m SSB 59 59 Chris
11:27 GI0AZA 80m SSB 59 59 Esther
11:28 2E0FEH 80m SSB 44 45 Karl
11:41 G6LKB 2m FM 59 59 David
11:42 2E0VRX 2m FM 59 57 Craig
11:43 G7VZS 2m FM 59 59 Tony
11:44 GW4ZPL 2m FM 59 53 Colin
11:45 M7CQS/M 2m FM 59 59 Stephen
11:54 SP9LEE/P 20m CW 599 559 Damian SOTA SP/BZ-014
12:02 EA1CBX/P 20m CW 559 599 JOSE SOTA EA1/PO-019
12:05 I/F4IYY/P 20m SSB 55 59 Leopold SOTA I/LG-309
12:14 Z35M/P 20m CW 559 599 Vladimir SOTA Z3/WM-046
12:19 DJ2MX 20m CW 599 599 Mario
12:28 DB2MT 20m SSB 59 58 Tom POTA DA-0096
12:29 IU3OJA/P 20m SSB 55 59 Alessandro POTA I-1452
12:34 IU5KHP 20m SSB 59 55 Nicola POTA I-0287
12:37 EA2EZ/P 20m SSB 59 57 Vicente POTA EA-2120
12:40 CT1DYH 20m SSB 59 57 Carlos
12:41 VE1SK 20m SSB 59 55 Stephen
12:41 SP8QC/P 20m SSB 55 55 Andrzej POTA SP-0298
12:43 DK1MI 20m SSB 59 57 Mike
12:43 SP5PZB 20m SSB 59 59 Paweł
12:44 EA4TL 20m SSB 59 59 LUIS
12:45 EA4GJP 20m SSB 58 59 Angel
12:45 2E0ESY 20m SSB 44 41 MIKE
12:45 DK5FF 20m SSB 59 59 Florian
12:47 DL9SN 20m SSB 59 54 Stefan
12:48 DD6FM/P 20m SSB 59 58 Marco POTA DA-0016
12:49 IU3GKJ 20m SSB 59 59 Riccardo
12:50 YU1KN 20m SSB 55 54 Sasa
12:50 K1PCN 20m SSB 57 52 PETER
12:51 IU3EDK/P 20m SSB 59 59 Alessandro POTA I-1500
12:52 SN9PJ 20m SSB 59 59 Paval
12:52 DH4KAF 20m SSB 59 59 Herbert
12:53 DL3OBW 20m SSB 58 59 Guenter
13:09 RA3RCL 10m SSB 59 59 ANATOLY
13:14 SV2OXS 10m SSB 59 54 Christos
13:18 YO6CFB 10m SSB 59 54 “Lacy”
13:19 OH3ZM 10m SSB 59 59
13:21 LZ1CLM 10m SSB 59 59 Ivaylo
13:22 EA8DKV 10m SSB 55 55 ALEXIS
13:23 R5VCV 10m SSB 59 55 Michael
13:25 YV1SW 10m SSB 55 56 Sixson
13:27 SV8JVH 10m SSB 55 56 Ilias
13:28 YO2BF 10m SSB 59 59 Oscar
13:28 KG8P 10m SSB 59 57 Thomas
13:29 VE3PTA 10m SSB 59 59 STEVEN
13:33 LZ2LH 10m SSB 59 59 IVAN
13:33 W3MPG 10m SSB 57 54 Rodney
13:37 VE1SK 10m SSB 59 55 Stephen
13:38 KE4ZUN 10m SSB 59 51 JAMES
13:41 VE2EH 10m SSB 59 59 Pierre
13:42 N4EX 10m SSB 55 44 RICHARD
13:43 HI8DAR 10m SSB 55 55 Diogenes
13:44 RV4CU 10m SSB 57 57 Eugene
13:45 KN4YSA 10m SSB 57 55 STEVEN
13:46 VA3KBW 10m SSB 57 57 Kevin
13:50 KO4GAR 10m SSB 57 55 David
13:56 VA2YZX 10m CW 519 559 Sylvain
14:01 SV2HJW 10m CW 599 599 KOSTAS
14:03 KF9D 10m CW 599 559 ROGER
14:07 GI4ONL 10m CW 559 449 Victor
14:16 KF9D 10m FM 59 55 ROGER
14:20 K2ERK 10m SSB 55 55 Erik POTA K-8056

Mandatory Lake District Sheep Photo

View from ‘mid-station’


Thank you for our first S2S today, I hope for many more. I went cross-country skiing to the top today. Unfortunately there was only a very short activation on LA/HM-216 Engulvsfjellet with -12C (10.4F) and 10ms wind. It will be -23C (-9.4F) effective temperature


Wow, what stunning scenery Knut, and no wonder you didn’t want to hang around! Thanks for sharing the photos and being there!



Mark, Thanks for the contacts today. What a thrill to be able to make contact on 10 meter FM!
Roger KF9D


I saw your 10m FM spot and thought :face_with_raised_eyebrow: so I tried calling you but I don’t think you heard me, and I couldn’t hear you on the frequency either.

Looking at the 10m contacts I guess I was in the skip zone on GW/NW-042.
But I called CQ on 10m SSB and didn’t get any replies so maybe there’s a 28-29 MHz filter around the summit.

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I had to persevere for 10m contacts Pete. I also saw a couple of activators using 10m but couldn’t hear anyone for a S2S. Not sure why but I always think that there is a chance of a local 10m contact, but without any reason behind it.

Regards, Mark.

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