Downloading a Log, Question?

My rather ancient MS Office 2000 ran fine on Windows XP installed on my now defunct desktop PC. However, AIUI, Office 2000 don’t like Windows 7 which is installed on my laptop. Therefore, I’m not too keen to risk installing it, just in case it causes other problems…

Anyone recommend some other freeware/shareware programme I can use to edit a couple of mistakes in my logs?

Mike 2E0YYY

I’d think that any basic editor should be usable for tweaking CSV files, but if you want an Office-like suite then might be worth a visit…

73, Rick M0LEP

In reply to M0LEP:

Totally agree… in fact I’ve ditched Office totally now, in favour of LibreOffice (A fork of OpenOffice). It also has the advantage of being the same on my work and home PC’s (work=windows, home=linux).

All the best…


In reply to G7LAS:
Yes, I would agree. Still on Open Office, several different versions on several different versions of Windows or Linux. Using Thunderbird and Firefox in the same way.


In reply to 2E0YYY:
You need not install anything at all, since MS Windows (I hope, W7 too) comes with several accessories, e.g. two basic text editors: NotePad and WordPad.

73: Jóska, HA5CW / M0HAA