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Hello Friends
Does it normal ?
For few days I noticed that I can’t include 2 QSO on the same summit with 2 differents bands.
I noticed the same pb with YU4MNO/P & YU1CA/P, 2 differents callsigns on the same summit.
Does it a bug ? or a MT choice ?
Thanks for your help
73 QRO - Roger

Roger, is this only when uploading ADIF / CSV files? If you try an enter manually does it work?

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I entered QSO manually and it seems to be right.

My file is an .adif one. I’m using Log4OM but I usually do the same things. I select QSO and export in adif file …
What’s new Doctor ?

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Sounds like a bug. I’ll get it on the list.


That sounds to be ok now
73 Roger

I think the issue has to be same callsign on the same summit for an S2S contact on different bands. When those conditions are met you get this problem. This example is different callsigns so it works.