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Double GW/NW Activation

Activated two GW/NW summits today;
GW/NW-051 & GW/NW-044

Got to the first summit and setting up and discovered that I had left the power adapter for the FT-857D at home…
Luckily for me, I had the FT3D with me and an antenna adapter to use the 2m ladder line antenna on the 6 pole. Used the guy ropes to secure the pole and got setup. I tried to self spot but for some reason, this didnt appear to work. I had also planned on using APRS2SOTA to spot but the message I had prepared had gone when I turned the radio off.
No matter. Called CQ and of we went.

27 contacts including 5 S2S including G/LD-003 with G4OOE/P

Departed back down the hill and took a quick break in the car for a brew and time to add a bit of charge to the mobile phones.

Upwards to the top and got setup.
This time 19 contacts including 5 S2S.

Contacts with Youtube channels
M0RSF - Chris M0RSF - YouTube
2E0MRS - Military Radio & Military Vehicles - YouTube
One of the SOTA founders and SOTABEAMs owner - G3CWI

All done using FT3D, 2m ladder line antenna, 6m pole and FM with 5watts.