Double Goat Double Activation (W6PNG and N6JFD) this weekend.

In May @W6PNG hits me up asking me if I would be interested in doing something we both think has not yet been done (at least I do not see any reference to this feat being done before in the archives). Two activators getting double goat on the same activation. So here we are in August, and both of us are primed and ready to go at just over 1990 points. This is not the first time Paul and I have coactivated either. Some of you may remember, Paul, myself, Mark (M0NOM) and another Paul (G4IPB) arrived up on Seat Sandal (G/LD-022) at the same time and did a 4-some activation during the 2019 Lake District weekend. We are planning on being in the W6/ND or W6/NS region of the Eastern Sierra. This will make us DG’s #4 and #5 for W6 land. Our planned activation date barring something crazy is going to be both Saturday and Sunday (and Paul may stay thru Monday). Our alerts will go up sometime on Friday once we’ve both settled on the peak(s) we aim to activate. We will be working SSB and I plan on doing some CW as well.
Hope to get as many of you in the logs as possible.
73 de N6JFD


I’m going to have to work this weekend, but I’ll be listening on 146.52 as much as possible. Depending on what’s going on at work, I might be able to get to the top of Mammoth for an S2S. I hope to contact you both one way or another.
73, KG6DTZ