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DOUBLE CONGRATS! They said they’d do it ,and they did it; Paul, W6PNG and Jamie, N6JFD, did a joint activation of W6/NS-395, getting them both to double goats as well.
Congrats, guys; nice signals into Sothern AZ today.

All Best, Ken K6HPX


Congratulations, Guys! Double Goats on Double Activation!

Dave, AE9Q


So good Jamie and Paul. A double-double has to be rare. Well done.
Scott kw4jm


Hi Kenny (@K6HPX)

Thanks for being my number 4 QSO and therefore qualifying Emma (W6/ND-395) for me.

Between the fires, the 1,800 ft ascent over a 1.3 mile distance plus what seemed like sub arctic weather on the peak, Jamie (@N6JFD) and I, had a good time!

I always enjoy joint activations and it was cool for us to both achieve double goat at the same time on the same peak.

Blog, snaps and videos to follow.



Way to go Paul and Jamie! I seem to only be able to work you guys when I’m on a peak here in Colorado. I might be able to chase you if you do CW…hint hint ;-).

73, Brad


Thanks Brad and I completed the CWA Beginner class recently and my CWA Basic class starts in two weeks.

At some point, I’m sure I’ll find the courage to get on eth air!!

Jamie (@N6JFD) was great at encouraging me on Emma to try and we did share a single station with a Y splitter on the headphones allowing me to listen in to the CW traffic.



Thanks @K6HPX, yes as Paul called out, the conditions were a lot of fun :smiley:

@WA6MM I do think Paul was enamored with me running thru the 40m cw pileup, so maybe it was the bump he needed ;-).

Thanks all that chased 73!

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Congrats to both of you guys. I tried to listen but too close I guess. Never had a copy on SSB or CW.

Congratulations to both of you. Unfortunately I was unable to copy either of you from that summit.
It is quite an achievement and doubly so.

Jeff K6QCB

Hi Paul,
Well done, and by the skin of your teeth as well! Believe that location was part of the forest closure beginning at midnight that day. Looking forward to the pix.
Best, Ken

Thanks Jamie.
Let’s hope for the bump; an extra 23 dB never hurt anyone.

Best, Ken


Congratulations Paul and Jamie! I tried to listen for you both but we were too close for a copy on HF.