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Double activation in the fog

Yesterday I successfully activated Seekarkreuz, DL/MF-011, and Auerkamp, DL/MF-013.

As always, I had a lot of fun with many QSOs. The weather was not too cold, so the situation on the summit was almost comfortable. On Seekarkreuz, there is even a bench where you can sit on.

Unfortunately, there was no view at all. In order to enjoy the panorama, I visited Google pictures at home.

Thanks for all the contacts!

73 de Robert, DL4ROB

The cross on top of Seekarkreuz

My portable station at Auerkamp:


Sorry Robert, it looks like you have been a bit unjustly treated, hi.

We started our annual meeting among friends on HB/BE-119 at similar wx (and a cold north wind) but we could enjoy the afternoon on HB/BE-158 in the bright autumn wx (photo below shows my setup, HB9AFI and HB9IIO did “besiege” the top).