Don't forget the 20m band!

Since all activators are keen on 10m for DX and the Challenge, I can hardly hear you here in the north of DL.
Out of sheer desperation and because of bad weather, I activated three Pota Parks in the car today. And did my first qso with French Polynesia in SSB and on 20m🤨 (40Watts and 1m long mobile antenna)

73 Chris

Green 10m Orange 20m


Hi Chris!
I think that no one has forgotten 20m, it happens that 10m is giving opportunities that none of the other bands did not give (at least from Japan). In my case with a 1/4 wave vertical antenna or a dipole and 10 watts in SSB and 5 watts in CW Since January 2024 I have achieved DX QSOs in SSB after participating in SOTA for 7 years! In my activation on February 3rd “Arimafuji” JA/HG-245 I made my first SSB QSO with Europe, precisely with DJ2MX (he arrived extremely fantastic!) using the 1/4 vertical wave and only 10watts! Mario kindly sent me an MP3 so I could verify how my signals were reaching his QTH. Even I couldn’t believe I was reaching so well. After Mario, another faithful chaser from Europe called me, DL6MST, also his signals were fantastic ! Unfortunately there were no more calls on SSB. I think it is the right time to “forget” the other bands and focus a little more on 10m
73, Takeo JP3PPL


Hi Chris,
I had a few surprises on 20m yesterday when activating Meikle says law GM/SS-148. The skip seemed very long and I had 2 qso’s to the US, ODX was NT2A in NY. I also had lots of European stations in my busiest pile up to date.
The skip on 40m was also long with a qso out to S57S in Slovenia my furthest on that band.
A good day out on the hill even though it was windy and hazy, there was no rain.


Hi Chris, I don’t usually use 20m but … I activate on 30m (as well as 10m) to get the EU chasers. E.g. yesterday on G/LD-047 I got 14 EU contacts in 13 minutes from Finland, Italy, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Denmark, UK and of course Germany. 30m propagation and SOTA chasers are always dependable. It’s why 30m is my favourite band.

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Great to work you yesterday Chris. Amazing who you find just tuning around away from SOTAwatch :wink:.

I was very envious listening to you work French Polynesia, congratulations!

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Thanks Andy for the Pota call. I also can’t believe it when FO5IW called. He said something else that I unfortunately didn’t understand in the QRM.
73 Chris

“Pse QSY, I have been on this frequency for one hour”


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When I started using Pota a few years ago I had 4 qso in 15min.
Now there are pileups like on Sota and as an activator you no longer have a say :grimacing:

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10m band wasn’t good today, even though many activators called there.

But the 20m was nice to me at my Pota park. The first time Alaska and a container ship off the coast of Finland.

And among a P2P with the states and many others, two of my most loyal Sota chasers, Manuel and Don
73 Chris


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