Donegal double

Plan to activate Errigal and Mackoght on my day off from family duties (ie shopping).
Beautiful day and lovely scenery on the drive (R251). 100m below the summit I stopped to measure the wind speed - steady 40mph gusting to over 45! It was easiest to carry the rucksack in my hand to reduce the windage. Zero chance of erecting my HF antennae, so my most sincere thanks to the NI amateurs who helped me get the magic 4 on 2m! On the way down I was struggling to breathe in the wind and stopped again to get the anemometer out - steady 60mph. Quite an increase in the time.
So I’m sorry but I decided to abandon the 2nd hill. I felt there would be no chance on 2m and doubted whether my mast would hold up to the wind. The conditions prevented me from being able to relax and enjoy the view fully, but the scenery is truly gorgeous. And it wasn’t a bit cold (over 20C in the car afterwards).
Next time I’ll bring a kite! (Joke - it was bad enough trying to stand and hold onto a hefty rucksack. I saw a couple of women blown over). Thanks again chasers - really appreciated!

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We were waiting for you to do little Errigal but thought winds would be too strong. Having crawled over that ridge on big errigal as a teenager fighting the wind it can be truly scary!!