Dokdo DX

This Thursday afternoon (12-15 approx local, 3-6 UTC) 6k0fm will be activating Dokdo’s West Island…points counting towards SOTA (HL/GB-430), IOTA (AS-045) and prolly the lighthouse program as well.

We’ll be on VHF and HF, namely 40m, maybe 30, definitely 20.

As the Japanese are liable to
cause a ruckus, as is often the case when out on this island…lots of QRM. I’ll be doing some PSK as well, should be quieter…maybe get a data contact Harry?

Should be interesting…the data I’ll be running off the phone with a keyboard.

Should be a fun time for us (6k5zlh, 6k5xze and I) and beats eating soggy/greasy pancakes throughout the Thanksgiving holiday. On the ends (Wed & Fri) we’ll be activating Ullungdo Island also, whether it be from base camp or the top of Seonginbong (HL/GB-039). The whole thing has been a challenge getting permission to ascend to the top (let alone land on the west island) as well as permitting to do radio…too bad it’s only a few hours.

73 de Jason HL4ZFA