Do you know Stephen 2E0SHB ?

The MT are trying to contact Stephen 2E0SHB regarding his account but his email isn’t working. Well it probably is but he never checks his spam folders for real mails in there by mistake!

If you know Stephen, can you ask him to contact me ASAP on andy.mm0fmf AT (you know what to do here). Don’t send me his email address, I have many different ones and he’s not answering any of them!

Should he make contact then I will delete this mail.


3days later, no reply, no contact.

Stephen has plenty of email addresses, 2 different emails he used to create 2 new accounts on successive days and the emails have been verified. Which means both addresses are working.

So this is yet another person who NEVER checks their spam folder for mislabelled messages.

I don’t have enough minutes left to spend too many of them chasing up people who cannot use email. I’ve tried but this is another account that will be going in the bin.

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