Do check ins to nets count when activating?

Can you use a net check in for your required contacts when activating?


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Thank you

Are you aware that you can not use a repeater to make a SOTA contact? Other than that, any simplex contact (within your license privileges) with operators OUTSIDE of the Activation Zone is a good contact. Did they offer a signal report, or did you have to ask for it?

note: You can use a balloon repeater contact. The logic escapes me, but it is allowed. The Rules for Activators does a good job of answering most questions.

Glenn AB3TQ

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Over the past two years in particular, several activators have combined WAB and the WAB Trigpoints Award in their SOTA activations. Often this has meant a check-in to the daily WAB net, and quickly running through (say) 5 to 15 contacts.

Many years ago I recall calling into the Royal Signals net on 40m when trying to secure that elusive 4th contact! A contact is a contact - providing it is simplex.

Many nets take place on terrestrial repeaters. As mentioned, this would not be valid for SOTA.

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Yes, with the proviso that you exchange callsigns and reports directly with each individual station that you are claiming as a contact.
Obviously it is not sufficient just to check in to a net, then claim that you have worked every station in the net.

Walt (G3NYY)

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Hey Glen I was aware of the rules 4 repeaters, I just wasn’t sure if checking in the nets was in the spirit of sota or not. I believe he did offer a signal report, and he was in Washington state, but I didn’t write down his call sign. I haven’t been very good about logging until I started doing SOTA. I hadn’t planned on using net check ins so I didn’t bother logging it. It’s not really a big deal though because I still got my required contacts.

Shoot, now how am I going to get to 1000 points! hihi

Persistence. And enjoying the journey. Doubtful I will ever get there, but that was never a goal. I am only where I am now because SOTA friends kept inviting me to travel in the direction of some higher point activations.

So get some SOTA friends. You never know.

Glenn AB3TQ

Hmm yes.

My immediate thought when I first learned about SOTA was that I would do my local 2 or 3 hills once a year every year to join in a bit (token participation) and have a bit of fun…

that was my initial thoughts as well, but somehow I doubt I’m going to quit there.