DM/RP and ON trip

** Bad weather at the end, I changed hotel booking to : 18-20 October. *

I hope to activate DM/RP-001, 002 and 003 and a lot of ON/ON summits in a 3 day trip from Tuesday 19 October. Only me, no other operator or xyl. Active 7 and 14 MHZ, perhaps a higher band, but I want to do a lot of summits. Starting with a 4 hour drive. Due to Covid I will not reach the magic 1000 summits this year, but come close to it.
Hope to work you. I think I have cell phone coverage on all summits, so will alert and spot. I activated all summits already several times. I activated nearly all summits within a 5 hours trip already , so must wait for a real holiday for a new one.
73 de Hans



Good luck and enjoy. Hohe Acht was my first SOTA. In 2012.

73 - PA9CW - Tonnie

Mine PA/PA-004 on the first day of SOTA in PA. 1 Oct 2008.


Good luck to you Hans and enjoy.

73 Geoff vk3sq

Dear Hans,
Unfortunately, you will be missing the GMAC contest the weekend before [17. Oct. 2021, GMA - Global Mountain Activity Group] by a few days where you would have found some SOTA folks on SOTA summits for S2S QSOs. Anyhow, this looks like an exciting trip and I wish you good luck and many DX.
Vy 73 de Peter, DO4TE

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