I want to apologize for the somewhat “strange” operating style on Sat from RP-200 (on and off). But, as always, when you are sitting in a very quiet place, there’s someone showing up.

This time, it’s been a huntsman. “You’re living a dangerous life”, he said. “Why?”, I asked. “Because you are sitting in a hunting area”, he replied. “Ok, I didn’t see signs”, I answered. “There don’t need to be signs”, he told me. “Well” , I said, “I heard someone shooting a rifle but it sounded far away”. “That’s been me, I was calibrating my rifle”. “Ok. Is it ok for you if I continue for another 20min playing radio?” I asked. “No problem, we are only going to hunt tonight.”, he said. “But in any case, here’s my business card and let me know by phone when you happen to be in the area next time so that we can avoid hunting there.”

We shook hands and off he went, giving me good feeling :slight_smile:

I had a similar positive talk with a huntsman in the BW area. Nice people :wink:

I know that this type of “chasers” is not always that friendly, but most are.

73 Norby

In reply to LX1NO:

Hi Norby,

I have met many huntsmen and most of them were
very interested and friendly.
Look here for their signs :slight_smile:

Bye the way; around DM/HE and DM/RP I actualy got
more problems with woodmen and rangers.
They have a lot of work with wood-thieves in our forests.

Vy73, GL and take care

PS. remember huntsman like ham :wink: