DM/NW-250 - view of 21 summits

Today I activated the Steinberg DM / NW-250 again. The conditions were mixed but at least I had a small pile up on 40m. Thanks for that.

Afterwards I enjoyed the fascinating, completely unobstructed panoramic view at the top of the man-made hill of a former rocket station. An ideal location for 2m.

Then I got an idea. How many summits are visible from here? My android app PeakFinder gave me the answer: 21

DM/NS-135 Lauensteiner Kopf
DM/NS-127 Thüster Berg/Kanstein
DM/SA-001 Brocken
DM/NS-129 Ebersnacken
DM/NS-092 Große Blöße
DM/NS-135 Köterberg
DM/NW-267 Winterberg
DM/NS-046 Hohes Gras
DM/HE-054 Großer Bärenberg
DM/HE-095 Istaberg
DM/NW-089 Stapellager Berge
DM/NW-062 Hünenburg
DM/NW-148 Hengeberg
DM/NS-036 Dörenberg
DM/NW-078 Heidbrink
DM/NS-117 Hainholz/Lange Wand
DM/NS-125 Bückeberg
DM/NS-126 Hohe Egge
DM/NS-107 Grasberg
DM/NW-121 Fast

73 Chris


Hello Chris, great … there is only one thing … everyone does: grinning:

greeting markus

Ja, unbedingt, Markus! Mir fehlt nur noch DM/HE-054, dann habe ich sie alle aktiviert.
Yes absolutely! I only need DM / HE-054, then I activated them all.
73 Chris