DM/NS-103 Wilseder Berg


A rather short activation of DM’s northernmost summit Wilseder Berg located close to the autobahn from Hamburg to Hannover and peaking at 169 m asl. Most of the British players probably know this area quite well as Munster and Soltau are close by. :wink:

The best way to get to Wilseder Berg is to park in Niederhaverbeck and follow circular walk N2. During winter parking is free of charge.

I wasn’t feeling very well and the wheather was nothing but ***** so sorry for my rather poor on-air performance. A heavy rain and hale shower hit us after 2 km of the 4 km way up the summit. During the activation it stayed dry and there were even some sunny spells. Another heavy rain shower half the way back to the van.

Activated on 20 m, S2S with EA2BDS/p (EA2/VI-062) and some qso’s with ‘the regulars’.


Gauss stone


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