DM/HE-098 Morsberg - 04.June 2008

The wx was overcast when I left the parking area near the
small-town Reichelsheim, in about 40 km distance to my home-qth.
I did´nt believe the wx-forecasts and hoped the rain will wait
until the afternoon and leaves me alone on the summit.

After an hour´s walk I reached the top of the summit and started
to prepair the antenna and the radio.
I think I was the first “human” for a long time on this place,
because I had an “invasion of mosquitos” around me…
Thats also the reason for my qsd sometimes. When I had to beat
those animals on my neck I keyed some rubbish, sri.

I contacted my dad HB9RE on “600 Ohm” and told him “I am qrv 7.033”.
We both were quite surprised having such fb condx between us.
He was 599+ on my FT817 S-meter (which I usualy ignore…)
and he gave me a fb 589.

In between of our qso we had to fight against qrm, I suppose
it was someone who tuned on the qrg without hearing…
I had to qsy and suddenly the pile-up started.
I was very happy to meet many of the good SOTA-friends.

After a while it was getting dark on the sky and I heard
the approaching thunder…
When G4CMQ called-me it already has started to rain.
Sri that I had to keep the qso´s shorter as usual, for no SSB
and for my qrt after just 30 qso´s.
I was a bit disappointed because I´d like to qsy to 28 Mc
with GM4FAM (sri Cris).
But I dont like thunderstorms in the forest very much. hi

Anyhow before qrt I had a look to 7.033 and I did´nt believe
my ears hearing Dan LA/DH8DX/p with a good 559.
Thanks to the qsp of DJ5AA I could work him on LA/TM-011.

Btw, it was my 3rd activation on Morsberg after 2005 and 2006.
For all of today´s activation it was a “unique” except for
HB9DOT and HB9RE who both worked me also in the years before.

“Morsberg”: it sounds very good to a CW-lover, but in fact
it has nothing to do with “Samuel F.B. Morse”.
The meaning of the name “Mors” was in the old days
for the german word “Sumpf”.
In english it is “bog, marsh or even sump” (I think…)

Many tnx agn for all the nice qso´s, to G4SSH and HB9RE
for the spotting and to DJ5AA for the qsp to Dan.

Hope to cuagn for a longer activation.

Vy73 de Fritz DL4FDM,HB9CSA

In reply to DL4FDM:

Hello Fri,

Nice to meet you here. We had some enjoyable QRQ contacts in the past. I’m ex.LA4DCA, hsc-ehsc member. Not really up to the ehsc standard anymore but enjoy CW whenever I can.

73 de Bjørn(Henning) LB1GB

In reply to LB1GB:

Great news Björn,

Glad to know who´s behind LB1GB and of course
I remember our many qrq/q-qso´s.
Have a look on 7.024 were I often meet
qrq-friends from I,F and SP between 40-60 wpm.
But I enjoy qrs-qso´s as well.
To be qrv is the main-thing in “our” internet-times.

Hope to have an s2s with you soon!

Vy73 de Fritz dl4fdm, hb9csa (ex hb0csa)